456 Survival Superhero Game Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

456 Survival Superhero Game Mod APK [Paid for Free]

Welcome to you in 456 Survival Superhero Game Mod APK. Do you want a shortcut to earning a huge amount of money in a short time period? Then you are in the right place. You to play some games like the hiding and seek game, red light green light game, glass bridge, tug of war, Algona candy game, etc in 456 survival challenge games.

The rule is very simple die or survives to win a huge amount of money. Every player has been assigned a specific number and your main player number is the 456 survival challenge game. You will have to face multiple hurdles and opponents but you have to be strong to win all the challenges in superhero shooting games.

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Features of 456 Survival Superhero Game Mod APK

-Easy to play
-No internet is needed
-No WIFI required
-Stunning graphics
-Watch the video to earn gems
-Awesome music effects
-No purchases are required to complete a level in the 456 survival challenge
-Play with your family and friends
-Multiple magic boosters
-Smooth controls of superhero survival shooting games
-Daily reward system
-Multiple challenging levels
-Match for all age group members
-Multiple levels with different missions to accomplish in survival shooting games
-Different levels with unique themes in survival fighting games

Multiple parts of 456 Survival Superhero Game Mod APK

Hide and Seek Game
Keep your eye on green and red lights. Stop moving on a red light and start moving on the green light in the red light green light game.
Tug of War
Pull rope with the help of your partners to knock down your enemies in tug-of-war gameplay.
Glass Bridge
Carefully try to select your moving turn and take decisions with your mind to select the glass to move on. Cross moving all the bridge glasses without breaking and complete your challenge.
Dalgona Candy Game
Use the needle to break the candy to make the assigned shape without breaking the shape of the candy.

Download now the free 456 Survival challenge Game and try your luck to become rich.

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