8K Puzzle Mod APK (Unlimited Hints/Free Purchase)

8K Puzzle Mod APK [Unlimited Money]

8K Puzzle Mod APK is a 2048 style board numbers puzzle game, easy to play but very addictive. It’s not just unique from 2048 fun but it is also a very logic based brain puzzle game, you have to think before drag and drop, you must know basic maths to understand and master 8k puzzles. So swipe your finger to merge numbers and generate new higher blocks each time you merge numbers.

It is an internet free and complete offline 2048 tile board game to improve brain memory and performance, because you can not just drag and wait, you have to use your brain to place new blocks in specific locations.

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Features of 8K Puzzle Mod APK

Swipe or drag the same numbers (2-2-2, 8-8-8-8…8, etc) in any 8 way direction to merge into a higher block until you reach the 8k number.
You can only merge numbers if there are 3 or more in sequence.
Once you unlock higher numbers such as 128, 512, 2048 or X2 game level changes.
Goal is to merge as many as you can to increase your score and reach the 8k block.
the 8k puzzle has smooth controls and pleasant sound effects to enjoy for long duration.
# If you are still not decided yet we can make it easy by mentioning a few cool features below.

This game does not need wifi or internet connection.
You can play anywhere in the plane, bathroom even in the library (Sound Off mode)!
No In app are hidden purchases.
No catchy video ads after every gameplay.
Simple catchy modern looking graphics.
Custom vibration system to give you just the perfect sensation to feel and enjoy.
The 8k puzzle supports multiple languages.

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