Antistress 3D Mod APK 2022 (Unlocked All)

Antistress 3D Mod APK [Unlimited Money]

In this fast moving world everyone needs relaxation or moment of satisfaction, enjoy this calming games collection.

Go in Arcade mode and play whack a mole, shoot the dart, indulge yourself in activities like spin the bottle, switch on and off light, Try your luck in spin the wheel and more!

Are you feeling frustrated? Play Antistress 3D – Stress Relief and start relaxing with variety of mini games! And get rid of daily stress and anxiety.

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Features of Antistress 3D Mod APK

– Balloon pop: pop balloon all you want
– Whack a mole: hit the mole with a hammer
– Coin toss: take simple decisions with heads or tails
– Dart: throw the dart to the board
– Dice: throw the dice
– Nails: use a hammer to drive nails into a wooden board
– Flower: pluck petals one by one in flower
– Lamp: Switch on and off lamp

We will be updating at least two anti stress Calming Games every month for your stress relief.

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