Archero Mod APK + Obb 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gems, God Mode)

Archero Mod APK Unlimited Everything

In a world filled with video games based on well-known movie franchises, the assumption was made that it would be great for gamers if Archero mod apk was taken from the ‘popular’ list and put in the ‘great games’ category. Yes, we speak about Archero , a game that has been released in 2012 but is still going strong thanks to its dedicated community.

In this article we’re going to guide you through some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Archero and what makes it special. We hope by reading this article you’ll understand why so many gamers have fallen in love with the franchise and its two installments. And maybe when you finish reading this list of questions/answers you’ll want to grab your controller and start playing Archero Mod APK.

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Features of Archero Mod APK

Here are the top features of Archero Mod APK given one by one:


Archero Mod APK story is very well constructed and it keeps the player entertained until the final credits roll up on the screen following a long session of shooting and looting enemies.


Archero Mod leveling system is not the same as most other games in the genre. Leveling up doesn’t increase your character’s health or skill points, but actually allows you to add more skills into your action skill tree.

Gun Fun

This seems like a weird feature for most gamers since most likely they’ve spent dozens of hours playing different video games and almost none of them has anything to do with guns and shooting stuff. Still, we felt this was worth mentioning since it is one of the biggest strengths of Borderlands 2 and its predecessor (the first installment, that is).

If you’re into shooters then you know what we mean when we say that using different guns in different situations can be fun by itself. It’s the kind of fun you know you’re going to have when you buy a new game and it’s almost guaranteed that this will be one of the first things you’ll do.

Side Quests

Archero’s side quests are more interesting than most other RPGs on the market. They include funny dialogue, great storytelling, and even tiny bits of lore about Pandora. No two side quests are alike in Archero which makes them very enjoyable compared to what we were used to before its release.

Great Replay Value

In addition to all this, Archero is very fun to play multiple times thanks to the great variety in character builds and skills available at your disposal right from the start (and they are quite different from each other). You might want to play through the game for the first time as Mordecai with his sniper rifle, only to realize your second playthrough would be much more fun if you played as a melee-focused character.

Co-op Gameplay

Borderlands 2 was designed mostly for single-player gameplay, but also offers a great co-op experience that allows up to four players to join the same game world.

Leveling & Loot

Just like most games of this genre (and RPGs in general), leveling up and earning better loot is one of the biggest appeals of the Borderlands series. It’s even possible to complete multiple playthroughs trying out different combinations of skills and abilities without getting too bored because there are many weapons, items, and other equipment types in the game.

Dynamic Events

Archero’s Mod APK world is not static. It’s alive and it feels that way thanks to dynamic events that are similar to what we’ve seen in games like Destiny or The Division but offer much more variety since they’re not limited by predefined scenarios. One example? You’ll never see two NPCs dropping from a helicopter in the same way twice.

Weapon Generation System

This allows Borderlands 2 players to get their hands on some truly unique items because all guns have different stats even if they look exactly the same at first glance (but don’t worry, you can still tell them apart when looking at them too closely). As with most things in this game, it doesn’t make sense in any way, but it’s fun and we like that.

Slot System

Archero offers players a large variety of guns and items to choose from when creating their character build, which means you can have up to 8 skills active at the same time after reaching level 50. With so many options available, this slot system is an excellent way to prevent your chosen abilities from getting canceled out by some other skill or action on the list.

Controller Support

Archero supports Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers for those who enjoy using them while playing games on PC (you can even do both simultaneously). The game also comes with a built-in controller support for Steam Big Picture Mode right from the start, making it one of the best games you can play on Valve’s platform.

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Arena Mode

Archero players who want to test their skills against other players and compete for a place on the leaderboard will be happy to know that this title offers arena mode. It’s only available after reaching level 15 and doesn’t require any further leveling up or grinding (you just receive an invitation).

Unique Game World

The presentation of the game world is brilliant but it deserves some explanation, especially since we’re talking about a loot-focused shooter here. Archero Mod APK uses cel shaded visuals with an overall cartoonish feel which makes its characters look like something out of a comic book. Its similar art style along with a very unique “Wild West” planet.

Common FAQs About Archero Mod APK

How do I begin the game?

You must download the archero mod apk and get an old phone, preferably with Android 4.0 or older.

The GPS location of your device should cover the general area you want to play in. For example: If you’re going to traverse a portal in Willow Creek, then use a GPS location within Willow Creek. If you’re going to cross a portal into Oasis Springs, then use a GPS location that is somewhere in Oasis Springs. Remember to turn on your high-accuracy GPS settings in your phone’s settings.

After you’ve got the GPS coordinates, press the button on the bottom of the screen to activate a portal. You can also enter coordinates manually by pressing the cogwheel in the top right corner and typing in a new location. Once you go through this portal, you’ll be greeted with a message asking if you’d like to continue. Proceed and enjoy!

What is the difference between paid and free features?

Free version

– You can now teleport to any portal you’ve activated. ( This will later be removed as you gain enough teleportation points to travel anywhere. )

Paid version

– No ads

– Access to all future premium skins

– Ability to change your username

– Access to premium themed chat colors (Premium users can also type color codes like &4 for purple or &a for red, etc.)

– Ability to change your profile picture and banner image (Premium users can upload images from their file storage and use them as a profile picture.)

– A new currency system that allows you pay $0.99 for 100 coins which are used primarily for obtaining items in the shop.

– You can now choose from a list of themed skins to use when traversing a portal. There is an option to go back to the original skin in settings.

– New chat commands: /roll [1,20] and /time set [hour, minute]. (The latter of which does not work on iOS yet.)

– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

What’s with the ‘premium’ currency?

The premium currency was introduced to allow players who enjoy my mod but don’t want ads or custom items in their game the ability to pay $0.99 for it without having too much impact on gameplay. As more features are added I may introduce additional paid content, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.

You can only get the premium currency through in-app purchase on Android. If you try to get it on iOS, you will instead be prompted to support me by donating through PayPal or Patreon if you’d like to help my mod continue running.

Does placing portals break copyright rules?

No. Portals are not considered ‘likes’ for copyright purposes because they are more useful than decorative/ornamental and are necessary for gameplay purposes. There is no risk of Archero getting banned for this since I use a VPN to fake my GPS location while I am using this mod. This has been confirmed by an independent lawyer who specializes in intellectual property law who had his own Reddit account revoked after exposing how broken their system was when challenged.

How do I make portals?

To make a portal, press the button on your screen to activate it or type /portal create [coordinates] in chat. If you’d like to see instructions on how to make one, check out this post.

My gameplay lags/freezes when I use portals. Is there a fix?

This is usually caused by an older device not being able to handle rendering so many objects at once. Try turning down your graphics settings by pressing the cogwheel button next to your username and pressing ‘Graphics’. There are also alternative ways of traveling between areas if you’re adventurous enough but these are more difficult to set up: – Use some form of GPS management mod so you don’t have to enter coordinates. – Use a warp book from another mod and teleport using the quick teleport option.

I’m stuck! How do I get out of my current area?

Type /speed in chat if you’re running the premium version or use one of the portals that only lead back to your point of origin if you’re not. You can then walk or sprint out by holding left shift, but this will take a long time depending on how far away it is. If you don’t want to wait, type /resettle in chat and try again. For a faster way to travel between points in a large world, consider using something like Archero Game.


For those who still think they should wait some more before actually buying or somehow get everything free in this game. A good news for them because now we have uploaded the mod version of Archero Mod APK that is free and has unlimited everything in it. So, download it right now.


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