Bed Wars Mod APK 2022 v1.6.1.4 (Unlimited Money/GCubes/Keys)

Bed Wars Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The Bed Wars Mod APK is actually more like the epic mod. It really basically modifies some of your stuff to look cooler and fixes some bugs here an there. Some of the things it changes are; -Kills you, when you step on someone’s head while laying in bed -Changes main menu layout slightly (Not yet sure how) -Increases player health by 10 points -Allows for infinite beds (You can sleep forever now!)

It also added new tools that I do not really see useful at all but they’re still pretty cool to have. Just don’t use them? Since this mod was just released yesterday I give much information on how it works and such, but I don’t want to give away all the good stuff.

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Now you can watch this video for how to install and use the mod: Also if you enjoy watching me build in real life things, I have a new series on my channel called “Build it Real”. It’s basically just me building real-life items, like coffee tables and door shelves.

Features of Bed Wars Mod APK

Now we are going to discuss the features of bed wars mod apk one by one

You can sleep in a bed and you won’t fall

You may be thinking that when you click on the bed it says that you can sleep here but when you lay down, nothing happens. You’re right! When I first noticed this I thought it was pretty cool because when you’re in your base no one can just lay in your bed and take things from them or grief what is there.

This feature helps to keep away players who want to steal something from your base. This will make them think twice about doing anything like that because they could get killed if they don’t leave fast enough and they also need to find an exit way out of your build someway else which usually has another layer of traps or goodies inside. It’s like you would in real life, if someone is sleeping and your not suppose to be in their house, it’s wrong.

You get hurt when trying to step on other players while laying in bed

This mod does a lot of stuff that helps the server owners to fight off griefers and such. This one I thought was really cool because people that want to try and break into your base will die very quickly if they do things like this. Here is an example of what happens:

What happened here? The player fell asleep and started taking stuff from my base so instead of killing him by shooting at him or something I just let him fall asleep and he died because he was too close to the edge of his base which is by the way really deep. Just that little gap of where he was sleeping and where he fell off his bed made it so I didn’t get any of his items, nothing! That is how this mod can help your server. If someone is trying to kill you while you are playing on the server, they would die by doing something like this.

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You respawn when you die

This one will be great for both players because if you’re new to the game or don’t know exactly what to do then instead of finding someone that helps or tells you what to do it will be very helpful. You could just go by them without having too worry about dying which in turn makes everything harder for a beginner player.

Now if you are a more pro player I’m not 100% sure how it works but if you die and your by yourself then unless you win the next round or go to bed, all of the blocks will be destroyed. So pro players would not like this because they can’t take what they want after killing someone.

Increases health by 10 points

This mod is probably going to help everyone in one way or another because even the most skilled player dies sometimes. This mod will make that a lot less likely to happen and it helps beginners a lot with getting their lives back up also. There isn’t much more too say about this one, it’s good for anyone who wants to get more health points when they spawn on their base area. I like this one because it’s really good for defending and killing people when you die in your base.

Spawners work with mods

This feature is pretty interesting and I haven’t seen it in any other mod before so I thought that was kind of cool. It will make it easier to get more items without needing too download another mod or anything else. There are certain spawner mods but they usually need a lot of extra stuff also along with them which can be really annoying sometimes especially if the server isn’t running the best version, then you will have bugs all around or even corrupt worlds. This one doesn’t do that which makes me happy because that means no matter what version the server is, everyone can enjoy this mod.

Spawners work in the nether

If you want to have a really cool spawner or reds tone contraptions then this is going to come very useful when your building because it will be very easy too use and could give you a lot of ideas on how to start in minecraft even more after making something in the nether. Just a warning, don’t try to go into the nether with out an escort because there are some parts that have mobs that will hurt you bad without armor or weapons, just be careful like I said before.

Spawners provide speed potions

I thought this was pretty interesting and helpful for server owners also. If they place down the regular zombie spawner or even a cave spider spawner in the base, people can use speed potions and become really fast which is good for a lot of different things. If you don’t have any armor on when going to war with other bases then being able too run there in under two minutes would be very helpful because you could get there very quick if your smart about it.

Endermen will never teleport

I think this one is probably the best thing I like about this mod because enderman are really annoying sometimes especially when they pop out of nowhere and start attacking you. Normally players that know how to play Minecraft find ways around them like sword, bow and arrow or food but what happens if you didn’t bring any? Well I’m not 100% sure but I think you could kill it with your hands.

Endermen will never steal blocks

This one is great for beginners because if they found their base already built and go off to mine all the things they need, well now endermen won’t be able too take anything that isn’t theirs so that means you can also mine without having too fear about them getting what your trying to mine. The only thing you would want too watch out for though is other players coming in to try and break anything or take whatever the enderman leaves behind which I’m pretty sure there’s no way around unless some protection was used like a plugin on the server or something else.

Zombies now heal villagers

I don’t think this one is that useful but if you do then it might be. I honestly don’t see this as that helpful because you would have too place the villager and zombie in a base and your probably going too kill all of them anyway so it won’t matter what they know at the end. Zombies will make noise now also which could alert other players to where the zombies are, there isn’t much more I can say about this one sorry.

General FAQs About Bed Wars Mod APK

What is Bed wars?

Bed wars is a PvP map type where players fight for fame and glory by building and destroying beds. The last surviving player wins and becomes champion of their server! You can play alone or team up with friends on any public BEDWARS compatible Minecraft Server. So without further ado let’s get started!

Do I need an internet connection to play bed wars mod apk?

You don’t need any internet connection to play Bed Wars as long as your friends have the mod and you playing in a compatible server.

Does this work on iOS or any other platform?

Nope, only works on Android devices. But there is a trick to play it on PC too! I will add a link at the bottom of the article so stay tuned.

What do I need to play Bed wars Apk?

You need Minecraft installed with Forge Mod Loader for compatibility with mods. The mod itself is very small and can easily be downloaded from our website along with a free version. To know how to download check out the next question below that we answered based on users questions!

How do I install Bed wars Apk?

Quickest way to get the mod is from our website. Just download one of the two versions and place in your mods folder inside .minecraft directory! It’s that easy. But if you really want a vanilla server with this installed, here are the steps:

1- Download Bed Wars Mechwarrior by MrLlamaSC(This version has no customization) or Optifine included

2- Place both files in your /mods folder

3- Launch Minecraft

4- Enter Server Address: mc.bedwars.com

5- Choose corresponding Game Mode

What is a custom map?

A custom map is a map created by users in creative mode without any actual coding but they can design it in whichever way they want using blocks and other useful items. If you don’t know how to create one, check out this easy tutorial below on how to make one!

Is this work on PC?

To play the new Minecraft Bed wars update on your pc, you can do so by downloading some programs online. One of them is NoxAppPlayer which works as a new operating system for android for pc. You can change all of its settings to fit your PCs resolution and other display settings!

How does the modded server work?

The modded servers are made by developers that have done some coding or just modified files in order to allow Minecraft players to play multiplayer on their pc using LAN connection or using hamachi/tunngle etc…

Is there any player limit on custom maps?

Custom servers will normally never have a specific player because it’s based on the developer of the map.

Can I make a custom map using any version of Minecraft?

Yes, you can use any version to design your own maps with Bedwars Framework that is compatible with all versions of Minecraft.

Is there any plugin that will disable PvP on our server?

Well, if you are looking for restrictions then yes, there are plugins for Minecraft servers that allow players to set their desired limits but not sure how it works. To get this information check out eula.txt inside the mod’s download folder or ask someone who has used one before! You can always check our website(link below) too for more information about the features and additional downloads! If you have any further questions regarding this mod APK.


Hello you all, today we have shared a complete guide about Bed Wars Mod APK, that will help you in getting the most out of the modded Minecraft server. So, if you have any question regarding this Mod APK then comment below and we will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible. 


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