Block Strike Mod APK 2022 v7.2.3 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu)

Block Strike Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Block Strike Mod APK – After the duel with Titan, the Block Strike has been enjoying great success in all parts of the world. The game’s premise is simple yet addictive because it’s just about eliminating each other to win. It can be played by two people at once when you’re on your own or in teams in multi-player mode.

Its quality graphics have attracted millions of gamers so far, and because it can be played in multiplayer mode, many players are looking for an APK version of the game so they could play against their friends locally. Luckily enough, there are websites that bring us this opportunity and we’ll cover this topic below.

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Features of Block Strike Mod APK

Following are the features of block strike mod apk with step by step mod APK installation guide.

Realistic 3D graphics

The Block Strike Mod APK offers realistic and updated visuals which can be enjoyed on both Android phones and tablets with HD displays (  recommended  ). The developers optimized this game’s graphics to make it look great on low-end devices, but for the best experience, we recommend you use a powerful device like: Samsung Galaxy S5 , Samsung Galaxy S6 , Nexus 7 , MI 3, Lenovo K900 and other high-end devices which have powerful processors and plenty of RAM . If you’re using an old or low-performance device , then consider trying the light version of the game before buying it in order to avoid any incompatibility problems .

Touch controls

You can use our Block Strike Mod APK on both phones and tablets, but if you want to enjoy playing with a tablet , then make sure it’s one of those devices that come with a stylus because this game supports touch controls. Just remember that the bigger your device is, the more fun you’re going to have while playing . Most gamers prefer using the following models today for playing this game: Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5 , Xiaomi Mi Pad , Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro etc.


This modded version also brings us an updated leaderboard so we could keep track of our best scores. Additionally, after each match has ended, you’ll be able to see how much damage you’ve inflicted on your opponent and how much damage they dealt to you; this is a nice feature for those who want to brag about their skills.

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Unlimited Gold

This is one of the most important features of our modded version because now you’ll be able to generate as many gold as needed without worrying about earning it in regular intervals or paying with real money; this is perfect for those who want to quickly upgrade their armors, weapons and tools.

Unlimited Silver

The same thing applies for silver which can also be generated unlimited times, so no more waiting between upgrades! Just focus on getting better scores and having fun while playing block strike . Another cool thing about this unlimited resources mod apk is that you won’t be required to use your PC anymore; after downloading our modded apk all your resources will be ready for usage on your Android device.

MP4 Videos

The original version of the game doesn’t support this feature, but our modded version brings us extended functionality like supporting new video formats so we could enjoy watching some cool videos while playing.

HD Textures

With this new addition we’ll get HD textures so we could enjoy true 3D graphics and some impressive visuals while playing Block Strike Mod APK . It’s always nice having some additional eye candy when trying to distract ourselves from reality, right?

Unlimited Ammo

There are times when you just want to go crazy and blow everyone up, well now you’ll have the chance to do just that because our modded version brings us unlimited ammo for all available guns. Start shooting everything in sight without worrying about reloading!

Maximum Armor Bonus

Most of the gamers out there prefer playing with maximum armor bonus enabled so this is something important to mention. Since both armor bonuses are increased up to 200%, this means more protection from enemy’s attacks, but keep in mind that once your health reaches 0% you will explode no matter what; still, getting killed by an explosion caused by yourself isn’t that bad, right?

Explosions Don’t Deal Damage

If you always wanted to have fun blowing things up without getting anything back then this is just the feature for you , because now your enemies won’t be able to damage you as long as they stand too close to your explosions. This could be helpful in various ways, so think about trying it out!

Unlimited Revives

In case you die during a match, no need to worry because this modded version brings us unlimited revives so you’ll be able to play as much and as often as needed without having any problems with that; good news for those who like challenges and difficult games.

Unlock All Weapons

Similar to other popular online games, we also wanted an opportunity where we could unlock all weapons and use them even if we didn’t have enough silver to buy them; this made us create this modded version. As a result, now everyone get’s all weapons unlocked for free!

Unlock All Armor

Another cool feature that is included in our Block Strike Mod Apk is the ability to unlock all armor and tools for free so you can enjoy using all of your favorite items without having to actually pay for them. This was definitely one of the most important additions because it could save players lots of money, instead they’ll need just a little bit of patience.

Unlimited Blueprints

And last but not least, here’s another big improvement where you’ll be able to generate unlimited blueprints so every weapon will be available to build as much as you want; this is great for those who like experimenting and trying new things.

General FAQs About Block Strike Mod APK

What is Block Strike Mod Apk?

Block strike mod apk  is a third party application that allows users to play block strike game with many cheats like unlimited coins, unlimited money and unlock all levels. More about this modded version and its features of Block Strike you can read below.

Block strike mod apk is a popular online shooting game which is available on Google play store for free . There are over 100 million users of block strike on different platforms like android, iOS etc. This game was created by Ilya Asnis (creator) and more than 10 people helped him in developing it further. This game has got many awards like people’s choice award, best new shooter award and best shooting video games award.

How much does it cost?

Block Strike costs around $9 per month for one user and gives access to all premium features and unlimited coins, unlimited money and unlock all levels. This is a common question that most of the users ask about this modded version of block strike.

How to download and install Block Strike Mod Apk on Android device?

First of all,you can visit Google play store link for your convenience :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rexetstudio.blockstrike

After downloading it from play store tap on it and click on install button, it will take some minutes to download and after successful download you can open it by tapping on its icon as shown in below image:- you have successfully installed Block Strike Mod Apk on your android phone or tablet.. Now read next question.

Is there any viruses or malware in this APK file?

No, there is no viruses or malware found in this APK file till now. This is because of its developers are very reliable and they provide original game with no viruses to their users..

Does this modded version has cheat features like Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Money and Unlock All Levels?

Yes, Block Strike Mod Apk has got all the cheat features you need to win over your enemies easily like unlimited coins, unlimited money and unlock all levels which you can read about it below. Above shown cheat features of Block Strike Mod Apk make it stand out from other game hacks available in the market and in google play store.

What’s next after having unlimited resources in your game account?

Well, most of the players ask us to add some tips and tricks with Block Strike Mod Apk like how they can get free coins and money but we don’t provide such stuff because you got all important features of this modded version in it..

Is there any risk involved with using Block Strike Mod Apk?

No, there is no risk involved with using Block Strike Mod Apk because its developers are very reliable and they provide original game file which has no viruses or malware. We also test this application on our android device before publishing here so we will keep updating you about any risk or problem related to this app..

Is it possible to install Block Strike Mod Apk without rooting my device?

Yes, it is possible to install Block Strike Mod Apk on Android device without rooting it if you have the latest version of the game installed. If your device’s operating system is older then you need to root your android device and download Block Strike Mod Apk from above link.


If you’re looking for more information regarding Block Strike Mod Apk then feel free to visit our website or maybe even download the game on your PC first before getting this modded version because it will definitely change some aspects of gameplay, but don’t worry because most won’t notice the difference between original and modified version.


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