BTS WORLD MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)

BTS WORLD MOD APK [Unlocked All]

It’s 2012-and you work at Big Hit. As BTS’s manager, their debut is up to you!

Is this the beginning of your success story?
Will you be able to go back to your own world?
It’s time to live your wildest dreams-jump right in!

Download Pet Rescue Saga Mod APK & Farm Heroes Saga Mod APK

Characteristics of BTS WORLD MOD APK

Help BTS Debut! Dramatic, cinematic

-Embark on a journey where you and BTS grow together!
-Bring the members together and help them develop into great artists!

What if they never joined BTS? 7 members, 7 different stories

-”I’ll be your strength!” Befriend the different members and help them solve their problems to fulfill their dreams!
-Enjoy various genres of storytelling, from Mystery to Comedy to Sports and more!
-Detective Kim Namjun/Handsome Hotelier Kim Seok Jin/Min Yuki and the Music Academy/White-coated Angel Jeong Hoseok/
Park Jimin’s Rice Cakes, Dancing, Tears/Lv. 1 Farmer Kim Taehyung/Jeon Jeongguk and the Taekwondo Club

You’re cordially invited to the Magic Shop!” Another Story Season 2

-A mysterious shop where memories are the currency of choice appears one day.
When 7 young men walk through its doors, a magical journey begins
-〈Magic Shop Rules〉 Wishes can come true… for the right price!

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