Bullet Force Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Gold)

Bullet Force Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Today we’re going to be taking a look at another one of the most popular games on Android, Bullet Force Mod APK. There are two versions of this game in the Play Store, you can download of your favorite.

Both of these games are played in the third person and have players completing objectives in order to win the round and they also both offer squads that you can join with your friends. The multiplayer is an online mode that can hold up to 32 people.

There are also leaderboards for each map and there seem to be around 10-15 different levels available. An addition that was added recently (and which we’ll talk about more below) lets you create your own server for you and your friends only. Unfortunately, though, some of these servers can be a little buggy.

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Bullet force has a lot going for it and while it’s been out on the Play Store for a few years now, its popularity still hasn’t died down. It offers great graphics and gameplay that is simple enough to learn but has tons of depth if you want to take the time to master it. In this article I’m going to share some tips and tricks with you so hopefully by the end of this download, Bullet Force will have a new fan!

Features of Bullet Force Mod APK

So without further ado, let us get into our list of Bullet force cheats, hints & tips:

Auto-firing is your friend

So there isn’t really any explanation needed here but just in case you haven’t noticed, you can auto-fire in Bullet Force. This will be quite useful for some of the more difficult levels where you have 3 or 4 enemies coming at you with AKs. To fire when you look down your sights just hold down on the screen until you want to stop firing and let go.

Join an active squad

Being in an active squad is important because you’ll get daily XP bonuses when playing with your teammates, plus if one of them has a game invite that he/she accepts then they can give it to any member in their squad which means that all members will be able to join their game!  It might seem like it’s not worth joining squads but trust me, having teammates with mics makes the game a lot more fun.

Killstreaks are your friend, too

You can get up to 3 killstreaks in Bullet Force and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to die after you use one! The first kill streak will let you plant C4 so it’s good for taking out people camping around flags or defending their HQ. The second one lets you call in an airstrike which has great range but obviously won’t work well if there are other players close by. And the third lets you call in a helicopter that will shoot at enemies whose shots can be deflected by bullet force damn armor. You might not think much of this but trust me, they make life a lot easier!

Don’t be afraid to change your weapon

One of the most important cheats in Bullet Force is not being afraid to change your loadout. In some lobbies, you’ll have noobs with shotguns and it’s unlikely they know what to do so it’s best if you go ahead and take their good weapons from them! And if you happen to have a bad weapon, then I’m sure that somebody else has a good one that they don’t need.  Just keep a lookout for other players with better gear than yourself and try going up to them and asking politely for a trade 🙂

Don’t bother trying to snipe unless you’re skilled at it

There are guys running around everywhere with shotguns or SMG’s so it’s probably best if you stick with the automatic weapons unless you know what you are doing. Also, bear in mind that just because you have a sniper rifle it doesn’t mean that you’re going to hit every shot. The bullet drop means that even though the crosshairs are on an enemy’s head, they might still be 20m away which means that there’s no way to guarantee a kill.

Think twice before trying to snipe people near their own flag

So it’s often tempting to try and one-shot enemies who are about to capture flags but don’t do this unless you have good aim. People tend to camp around flags so there’s bound to be someone watching them who’ll see your name appear then either whip out their sniper or simply pull out their pistol. Either way, you’ll probably get killed so please don’t do it!

Shotguns are good for close range only

The best loadout for rushing is either a shotgun or sub-machine gun coupled with grenades. The reason for this is that shotguns have knockback which means that if you manage to hit someone then you can follow up with shots to the head without them being able to counter. And submachine guns have automatic fire unlike snipers and rifles so they’re more effective in open spaces where there are lots of enemies.

Don’t count on bullet force damn armor

Bullet force damn armor isn’t special armor but rather. well, it’s bulletproof because it has no impact damage. That means that your only hope of killing someone with it is by either aiming for the head or using a grenade. None of this will work if you’re facing off against someone who has an automatic weapon (or even a shotgun), so keep the distance and make sure to kill them before they get too close!

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Have fun

Bullet Force is meant to be fun, not taken seriously because it’s certainly not as serious as other military shooters like BF4, R6:S, or CS: GO which require more skill and teamwork than Bullet Force. There are no pre-match lobbies, there isn’t much communication between teammates and most players just use automatic weapons instead of snipers/shotguns which makes the game a lot more action-packed and fast-paced. Plus, nobody can camp which will make you want to tear your hair out in real life!

Common FAQs About Bullet Force Mod APK

What is the basic aim of Bullet Force?

The game revolves around creating a squad and completing all of the challenges that are brought to you by the game. You need to complete these challenges in order to progress through the levels and gain access to better weapons, upgrades, and perks which can be used within other games such as multiplayer or campaign mode.

How do I increase my rank? Or what is rank?

When you first start playing there will be no rank/level, but as soon as you play your first round this will change. Your level is determined by how well you perform, for example killing an enemy grants more war points than killing a civilian, so the more war points you have the higher your level will be.

I can’t buy something in-game, why?

You need to make sure you have enough money/credits before trying to purchase something such as a new weapon or upgrade. This is done by completing rounds and gaining experience which unlocks further items down the unlock tree. All of this is shown on screen through the progress bar. You also get credits from playing multiplayer mode.

How do I play online with friends?

To play online with friends firstly you must both be on each other’s friends list, then one of you just needs to go into Multiplayer>Custom Match and search either by Username or ID, once you have found your friend just add them and start the match.

How do I get new guns?

You unlock new guns as you progress through levels, but there is also an option to purchase them from the store with credits/money which can be bought with real money or earned within the game.

What are the different types of rounds in multiplayer mode?

There are four modes in multiplayer mode, these being Team Deathmatch, Rush, Control, and Conquest. In Team deathmatch, both teams battle it out to see who can reach a certain number of kills first (which is shown at the top left corner). In Rush, teams must capture all points before time runs out (the team with most points wins) The Control mode is similar to rush but both teams must capture all control points. In the last mode Conquest the first team to reach 1000 tickets (which are depleted by killed members of your team or enemies) wins.

What will happen to my progress when I uninstall the mod app?

When you uninstall bullet force mod apk, all of your progress does NOT get cleared it just resets you back to level 1, but this doesn’t mean that you have lost any guns, perks, etc. Everything stays the same, only your level will be reset. You can also still play single-player levels/ modes if you wish.

How do I change my squad name?

To change your squad name, you first need to be on the main menu (shown above), then press backspace twice and enter your new Squad name.

How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture all you need to do is go into ‘Options>Change Profile Picture’. There are a few options, but for now, I just want you to use the top one which is ‘/’. Then press ‘Accept’. This will take you back to the main screen, this time where you can see a sample of what it will look like, now let’s pick an image from recent photos so that we have something to work with. Press ‘Menu’ once, now press ‘Add from Gallery…’


If you are looking for top class action games, then you can’t miss the bullet force mod apk because it has all basic to advance level features, that you can play and enjoy for free. So, go ahead and download it right now for free.


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