Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Gold, 100% Working)

Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK is a game that relies on strategy, tactics and alliances to win. It’s an amazing multiplayer online game where you can fight with your friends or play against other players from around the world in real time. This modded version of the game gives you unlimited money so you never have to worry about spending any cash while playing.

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Key Features of Cartoon wars 3 Mod APK

Cartoon wars are the best side-scrolling action game with lots of new interesting features. Cartoon wars is developed by Fun2inter- All Rights Reserved. Version 3.0 has just arrived and it’s totally free to download. You can download cartoon wars 3 mod APK at the end of the article.

If you are looking for a game that takes your stress away, you must not miss this one out! Get immersed in the game world with easy controls, smooth graphics, and high-definition sound effects.

The storyline follows an epic battle between good and evil as seen through the eyes of multiple characters including humans, elves, wizards, dwarves, and even some wacky monsters like cyclopses and goblins.

Most of the game is played in side-scrolling format. The new version has acquired some major changes like new characters, levels, and missions.

  1. Multiple Side-scrolling adventure worlds with multiple locations within them. – Travel on Quests to very different Adventure Zones each with many locations, all filled with unique enemies waiting to challenge your strategic combat skills! Including but not limited to; Lava Zone, Forest Zone, Ice Land, etc..
  2. Team up with friends or go solo through the Main Questline in either local wireless multiplayer mode (2 players) or online (up to 4 players). – New mission structure enables players to enjoy the game at their own pace without having to think about saving the world as they can jump to any level at any time!
  3. Unlock, Evolve and Combine a large roster of Units to create the most powerful army! – Every character has unique abilities that gain in strength as you play with them. Make some new friends or take a break from your current team – Switch out characters at any time so you always have the strongest lineup!
  4. Battle against huge armies of evil on an epic quest to save the world – Evil forces have rallied all their troops for one final battle to destroy both human and fantasy civilizations alike… But who will prevail?
  5. Master devastating attacks, ride fearsome monsters, use sorcery & elite medieval units to defeat waves of enemies – Collect the treasure from fallen enemies and upgrade your weapons, armor & equipment in the Blacksmith Shop to help boost your strength!
  6. Complete quests to earn gems and gold which can be exchanged for upgrades – Level up your character so they grow even stronger and learn new abilities along the way.
  7. Save the world with friends or battle online against enemies in 4-player action combat mode! – Defeat other players from all around the world or invite your friends into a Private match so you can take on anyone who dares challenge you!
  8. Unlock achievements for special rewards.
  9. Customize your unique Hero avatar with epic gear, wings, pets… – Equip awesome weapons & body armors that have their own special attributes that will aid you in battle.
  10. Fight to the death in the leaderboards where only the strongest survive! – Many ways to become number one, push your way through the rankings and compete against other players to become top of your game.

Common FAQs of Cartoon wars 3 Mod APK

What is Cartoon wars 3 Mod apk?

Cartoon Wars 3 mod apk is a trending term for all of us that have seen the rise in its popularity. The high graphics and 3D animation style makes it a most wanted modded game available for android. All of you might be thinking about how wonderful it would be to get all those premium stuff in this action packed fighting game downloaded from play store without spending even a single penny! That’s where we step in with our best working trick on how to download Cartoon Wars 3 mod APK  for free!

Hey, I heard there are some sketchy cartoon wars apps that will ask me to buy upgrades or something, how can I avoid that?

In order to avoid people from scamming you please make sure what options to choose when installing games on your android device. We recommend that please do not click any of the advertisement or upgrade buttons and always take care that you are downloading Cartoon Wars 3 mod APK from a trusted source like us!

What is an OBB file and how can I use it?

OBB stands for “Online Background Processing File”. This file will sit there in your internal memory or SD card and manage all the changes made by the game. Usually, these files get downloaded with other files but if somehow they did not arrive along with your Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK download, don’t worry you can download the OBB files from here – Cartoon Wars 3 OBB for free.

Is there any way to play this game online?

Yes, Of course!! There is a multiplayer option available in Cartoon wars that allows you to join leagues and fight against players worldwide. You will also be able to chat with your opponent during the match using our xmodgames Pokemon Go Cheat. This is one of the best features if you are looking forward to playing vs real people around the world!

Will I need to root or jailbreak my device?

Since this game has been released recently, it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking at all. All you need is an android version 4.0+ and a 100% perfectly working internet connection.

Does this modded APK work on Android Lollipop?

Yes, you can use this modded APK with any android version above 4.0+. Please take a note that it has been reported to be working fine on Android Nougat as well so if you have not upgraded your device yet there is no need to worry!

Can I delete this app after installing cartoon wars 3 MOD APK?

Of course, you can uninstall this game anytime you want without any trouble. We also recommend getting rid of the OBB file once it’s done downloading and completing the installation process for a better experience of playing Cartoon Wars 3.


This is a fun and addicting game that you will enjoy playing with your friends. The only negative we found was the ads, which can be removed by purchasing an ad blocker. Download Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK for free today!


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