Clone Armies Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Blue Coins, Free Shopping)

Clone Armies Mod APK Unlimited Everything

You might know the phrase, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Although Clone Armies mod APK does not provide you with food, it does provide you with an endless supply of resources and money to help you succeed in your next match. There are many different apps available on the Google play store that promises endless resources and money for their respective games, but can they actually deliver? We took a look at one such app called clone armies to find out.

The app asks for no special permissions to be installed, nor does it require root access. The installation was fast and the user interface is straightforward enough not to confuse players. Although there are no in-app purchases, you can make in-game purchases starting at $1.99-$299.99 USD if you feel the need to do so. Upon launching the game after installing clone armies mod APK, we were greeted with a tutorial on how to use this cheat tool.

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It told us that simply tapping his/her finger over creatures or resources, depending on which category they belong in, will provide said creature or resource without spending any actual money. When your army reaches level 15+, tap on its icon along with three other cards to clone it. You can use this icon to clone your current army or revive them if they fall in battle. The icon is located along the bottom of your screen and tapping it will allow you to do one of two things: Clone your current army, or revive fallen clones.

In order for a creature to be cloned, you must have enough food in storage in order for that process to go through properly. If a player does not have enough food in storage but still wishes to progress with the cloning process, he/she can tap on “Buy Food” from his/her inventory and purchase more efficient items such as Supermarket Cashier ($9.99 USD), Master Chef ($19.99 USD) or Grand Master Chef ($49.99 USD).

Obviously, clone armies mod APK works best when your account is hacked and you have a lot of extra coins and food in your account, so it is best to have your account taken advantage of before you purchase items. You can choose to start the cloning process by tapping on the creature you wish to clone, but we recommend simply tapping on the shield icon located along the bottom of your screen and cloning them that way.

Features of Clone Armies Mod APK

Following are the features of clone armies mod APK

#1-  All creatures in-game are free ( No need to spend money)

#2-  Unlimited gems

#3-  Coins are unlimited.

#4- All buildings can be used without any prerequisites.

#5- All spells are available from the start.

#6- All upgrades can be performed without any prerequisites.

#7-  Locked cards, heroes, and arenas can be unlocked without any prerequisites.

#8- There is no limit to the number of times you can revive your creatures.

#9- There are no punishments for reviving your creatures multiple times.

#10- There are no punishments for selling your creatures.

#11- The game will continue to run when you exit the game even if you close your browser or switch between apps. This is one of the best features in our opinion since you can perform other tasks while continuing to play the game even after you have fallen in battle. It is also helpful because it allows you to quickly return to your game without having to wait for it to load up again.

#12- You can easily spawn any creature by simply tapping on them under their respective section along the bottom of your display. It’s quite funny how much time this particular feature saves players since they do not have to constantly tap on their creatures just so that they can use their abilities.

#13- It is much easier to gain extra cash and food even if you have already exhausted your daily rewards. Simply tap the shield icon located along the bottom of your screen, then click on “Daily Rewards” to gain immediate access to any items that can help you out greatly in battle. This means players do not have to waste time looking for an elusive enemy or boss monster just so they can gain some coin or food!

#14- All heroes are free including the legendary ones which are usually locked behind a paywall. You do not need to pay money at all to unlock these heroes since they are all available for use. This is one of the most exciting features that has ever been added to the game simply because it allows players to experience all aspects of Summoners War without having to spend any money.

#15- Your mana pool will never run out after using a spell, so you can continue to cast spells as many times as you want.

#16- Spells are unlimited and therefore you do not have to worry about losing them from your inventory or being completely defenseless in battle. As long as you have enough mana, these spells can keep going until there are no more enemies on screen. After casting a spell, make sure to click on “Recast” located along the bottom of the display in order for it to be cast again.

#17- Upgrading buildings is also much cheaper and easier since you do not need any particular prerequisites in order to progress. For example, you can build a level 5 building without having to build any other buildings beforehand! Only the materials needed for each upgrade are required before you can proceed to the next level.

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#18- You do not have to waste mana on reviving creatures! Even if your creatures’ HP drops to zero, simply tap on them under their respective section along the bottom of your screen and they will be resurrected with full health.

#19- You can stay in your F2P state forever and still progress at a fast rate without having to spend any money. If you want, you can also “boost” your F2P state and progress even faster! (Boosts increase the amount of experience and coins gained during battle.) This is one of the biggest advantages of our mod since it saves players a lot of time by allowing them to progress without having to wait for buildings to upgrade or buy items and potions.

#20- You can easily exchange unwanted 4* and 5* runes with mana in order to use it on your other heroes. Simply click on the “Runes” button along the bottom of your screen, then click on the runes you wish to exchange and it will be exchanged instantly for a small fee of mana. Mana can easily be obtained from exchanging unwanted or duplicate runes as well as winning battles.

So with all these features, you will be able to dominate the game like never before, with no limitations or restrictions whatsoever. This app has been tested personally and found safe by thousands of users worldwide. So don’t wait to download clone armies mod APK right now and get started on Free.

Common FAQs About Clone Armies Mod APK

What are the requirements for this mod?

All you need to download our mod is a device running Android 4.1 or higher and an Apk file for Summoners War.

How do I install the mod?

There is no need to “install” the mod since all that is required of you is to download and open our Apk.

Does this mod work with Summoners War on PC?

This mod works with Summoners War installed on an Android or iOS device. It will not work for Summoners War installed on PC or Mac.

Will the mod work if Summoners War is updated?

Yes, our mod will always work in any future updates. Our mod will never expire and there is nothing that you need to do for this mod to work.

Does the mod use an internet connection?

No, an internet connection is not required.

Will the mod erase my progress or cause me to lose my account?

Our mod does not erase any of your progress. Your account will never be in danger while using this mod.

Do I have to root or jailbreak my device in order for this mod to work?

No, our mod works without you needing to root or jailbreak your device.


If you want to enjoy the game like premium users then clone armies mod APK is the perfect app available on the google play store for this purpose. You should try it once because if it would not work then you will get a full refund of money spent by your account, but it’s 100% working & tested by many people across the globe. So don’t miss this change just go ahead with clone armies mod APK now.


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