Critical Ops Mod APK 2022 v1.30.0.f1674 (Unlimited Money/Bullets, All Skins Unlocked)

Critical Ops Mod APK is a 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS designed exclusively for mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success.
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Critical Ops Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Critical Ops Mod APK is basically a fast-paced, action packed FPS game where you can take part in online multiplayer games against other players around the world. It’s currently available on Google Play for free with no ads and no in-app purchases (IAP) whatsoever. It was recently released on 28th June 2016 and it has already gained over 500k downloads which is pretty impressive, though I expect that this number to be higher by the end of the year.

The map design is way better than CSR racing mostly because critical ops gets updated biweekly adding new maps, weapons etc., not much to ask for, right? The graphics are much better than CSR Racing 2 if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion.

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The sounds are pretty much the same as in CSR Racing 2 with cars engine roaring and all that stuff. What I don’t get is why did they place a very loud gunshot sound at the end of a rocket way before it hits its target? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Features of Critical Ops Mod APK

I have personally been playing this game for a couple of months, and I can tell you that it’s much better than CSR Racing 2 as the developers behind it are constantly adding new features.

1) Critical Ops comes with tons of different weapons too choose from to annihilate other players online so you won’t get bored any time soon. The main weapon types are handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles and machine guns. There is a total of over 30 weapons in Critical Ops at the moment which definitely makes it stand out from the competition.

2) Purchasing items from shop lets you access all kinds of mods such as grenades which will help you clear rooms full of terrorists or even traps that will make them think twice before crossing your path. There is also armor which will help you take even more bullets before you die!

3) You can either join an in-progress match or create your own custom game with your friends against bots to practice the art of shooting.

4) Critical Ops has a very nice ranking system, where organizing games in groups will give every group member +1 rank experience points. This means that if you have 3 members in your Custom Game lobby, everyone will get +1 XP per kill made so it’s definitely something worth trying out.

critical ops mod apk download

5) Every player is ranked when playing online based on their kills and deaths, so there are no hackers for now, but do expect cheaters around as this game gets more popular and unfortunately they will get popular too. Look for the same username on every other site and you will find a hacker guaranteed!

6) The controls are pretty much the same as in CSR Racing 2 with your usual shoot, aim, throw grenades, melee attack options available by simply tapping their respective buttons on screen which can be customized from settings menu. All you need to do is choose a control preset that suits you best and off you go into battle!

7) Play against bots offline while waiting for people to join your custom online games or just play against them solo while practicing your shooting skills. It’s a good way of getting better at this game if you ask me.

8) The servers are mostly full so expect people having a hard time finding a match. And because this game is very popular among players, you can be certain that there are tons of players online at any given time!

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Critical Ops is one of the most popular tactical first person shooter game. It has great graphics and decent gameplay which separates it from other FPS games. Critical ops gives you exact feeling of playing any FPS game. But, there are some common question about this game that everyone wants to know but they can’t find anywhere on internet for their satisfaction. So here we go with some common questions that you might be looking for like critical ops hack apk apk modded etc.

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Common FAQs About Critical Ops Mod APK

How do I play Critical Ops?

You need to install Critical Ops android app first on your smartphone or tablet which runs on Android version 4.0 or later . After finishing the installation process, launch the application and create new account which takes time depending up on your internet speed. Click the play button at the right top corner to start playing online game.

Where can I download Critical Ops?

To download critical ops apk android, click here . If you want to do it using google play store then search for ‘critical ops’ in app section and click install button after selecting it.

What are the system requirements to run Critical Ops?

The system requirements to run critical ops modded apk is Android version 4+ with 2GB RAM or higher . It’s important that your phone should support OpenGL ES 3 which allows you enjoy high quality graphics on your device screen. You can check out whether your smartphone supports open GL ES 3 or not by installing any benchmarking app available on google play store.

How to fix Critical Ops failed to connect server error?

Critical ops gives you error ‘failed to connect the servers’ if it can’t establish connection with game server. So, your first task is making sure that internet connection is fine at your side. You should check the speed of your internet by downloading speed test app from Google Play Store . If you find out that the problem is not in your Internet, then try to restart both critical ops and device which helps most often according to players.

How much space required for Critical Ops game?

After installing Critical Ops android app , its size will be around 100-200MB plus additional space for saved data 200-500MB depending upon the progress you make in the game. So, free some space on your device if your smartphone shows ‘not enough memory’ message while installing critical ops Modded APK from

How to unlock all guns in Critical Ops?

Everyone prefers getting full armory of weapons when they start playing a FPS game. Critical Ops developers offer 4 default weapons at beginning that can be upgraded by using weapon points which can be obtained while playing online matches. Weapon points can be used to unlock new weapons as mentioned in our Critical Ops weapon list.

How to use custom crosshair in Critical Ops?

Being a tactical FPS, it is very important that you aim your enemies precisely. Customizing the crosshair suits best for this purpose. By default, critical ops mod apk comes with many pre-installed crosshairs but if you want more then click here and download all available crosshairs from EpicApks. After downloading zip file, extract it and copy folder ‘Critical’ from extracted location on device storage > data > com.criticalforceentertainment.CriticalOps.

Is there any way I can make money in Critical Ops?

You might notice that you get paid money while playing online matches and this is the only way you can obtain money in critical ops android game. You will receive cash reward for completing a level and killing enemies while playing an online match.

How do I rank up in Critical Ops?

As we know that every FPS game uses XP or some other ranking system to let player know about their progress. When you start playing Critical Ops , it gives you default weapon. Every time you kill an enemy player in online match, you receive money which can be used to buy a new weapon. To rank up in critical ops android game , you should play matches using recommended weapons or ones having maximum score in scoreboard.

How much players required for a match?

There is no specific number of players required for a match in Critical Ops. In case if one player leaves from your team then he will be replaced by AI bot. So, total number of players participating in the battle will always remain 11 plus 1 bot from either team. You can also see that there are 10 different ranks available in Critical Ops Android Game and every rank has its own pool of players to choose from.


Whether you are a new gamer or professional gamer, you will fall in love with Critical Ops Mod APK, because it is one the best games in terms of features. So, we highly recommend this game to our user. If you face any issue while downloading then let us know, we will fix your issues.

What's new

What's new:
- BUREAU has been upgraded
- DIVISION has received a sought after rebalance
- Map updates:
- Ambient audio has been updated in all maps, and the ability to disable it has been removed
- New Feature: Block Clan requests

NEW EVENT: The Nights are getting darker. Are you brave enough to find out what horrors are lurking in the darkness during our spooky event!


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How to install Critical Ops Mod APK 2022 v1.30.0.f1674 (Unlimited Money/Bullets, All Skins Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Critical Ops Mod APK 2022 v1.30.0.f1674 (Unlimited Money/Bullets, All Skins Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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