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For those of you who missed the new game craze, ” Crossy Road Mod APK”, here’s your chance to experience it. Developer of Crossy Road has just released an update adding two new characters and Google Play Games Achievements.

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The latest update for Hipster Whale ‘s addictive mobile game, Crossy Road , is now live on Google Play Store. The game’s developer touted this new version as their biggest update yet featuring new game mechanic, two additional characters (Moondog & Stella), along with 20 brand new Google Play Games achievements that’ll unlock special prizes in the future.

Features of Crossy Road Mod APK

Endless Arcade Hopper

The game is an endless arcade hopper where the main objective is to get as far as you can, collecting coins along the way. You control a chicken that’s trying to reach the other side of the crowded road by just swiping left or right to move, tap on screen for a short jump, and swipe down quickly for a long jump.

Although it sounds simple enough, don’t be deceived! The pace gets frantic very quickly with cars speeding up, buses stopping in your way without warning, trains approaching from behind and birds flying low dropping bombs. All this happening while funky 8-bit music plays which makes Crossy Road so much fun to play!

Varieties of Chars & Vehicles

There are over 15 characters and vehicles to choose from each with their own cool set of animations coupled with sound effects. The most common one is the chicken that we’re all familiar with named “Froggy”. You can also unlock many other types like a robot, vampire, ninja, and more! Then there are several types of vehicles such as taxi, police car, school bus and even a tank!

Google Play Games Achievements

This new update brings 20 brand new achievements which you must try unlocking in order to get special prizes in the future. It’s not listed what these prizes might be though so just let your imagination run wild for now!

Two New Characters

This new update adds two brand new characters, Moondog & Stella into the mix. Moondog is a laidback looking character that’s very easy to unlock while on the other hand, you’ll have to work your way up for Stella by collecting her token in-game. The best part about these two is that they’re totally free! Well except for some minor ads popping up here and there of course…

Smooth Controls

Controls are super smooth with no controls lagging at all which makes it perfect for play on any devices including low end ones without worrying about frame drops or stuttering. It feels great to play on bigger screens since the game has native resolution support (maxing out to full screen on tablets).

Hipster Whale’s Trademark

All of this is signature HipsterWhale alright! The game even has its own little catchy sound track that you’ll be hearing in the back ground all the time. You can also get your high score posted on a global leaderboard so you can compete against other players around the world to see who gets the highest score.


You’ll notice how Crossy Road is different from other arcade games right away because of its simple but unique gameplay, fun characters and 8-bit sounds that fits the theme perfectly. All these combined makes for a great time killer where you can just play it without having to worry about ads, in-app purchases or any crap like that! In short, it doesn’t try to shove all those monetization stuff down your throat which is actually pretty rare for a free mobile game.


Although the game is very polished and playable, I do have a minor problem with its controls. It would have been better if there’s an option for on-screen joystick as well as notifications warning you whenever a train approaches from behind or when your character is about to die from hitting obstacles! This feature can be turned off but it’s just not something I’m used to yet unlike games where those features are enabled by default. Other than that, everything else seems great!


If you like arcade games and want something totally free of ads and in-app purchases, then Crossy Road should definitely satisfy your needs! Don’t let its simple look fool you because once you play, it’ll get the addict. Hope that it will be fun. If you want to enjoy this game to the fullest, don’t forget to check out how to get unlimited coins and unlimited keys . And if that’s not enough for you, here are some Crossy Road MOD APKs that might interest you.

Common FAQs About Crossy Road Mod APK

Why can’t i download crossy road?

You should make sure that your device has enough space and memory. Your device might also need to be connected to the internet in order for the app to download properly. If you still cannot download it, try restarting or reinstalling your device. You may also want to check if the developer has released a new version of the app which you should update to using this link: Google Play Store.

Does crossy road use data?

Yes it does use data however not much because usually when you open up apps such as these they will need additional memory so therefore it uses more than you have downloaded on your phone which means you will use data.

Does crossy road need internet?

Yes it does need the internet just like every other app out there because it needs additional memory so therefore its using more than what your downloaded which is why it needs to download over the network.

How do i delete the game if i have already installed?

You should go to your settings but first, before anything make sure that you have enough storage space and memory left on your device because it might still be in your phone however really small but without proper storage and memory your phone can cause problems such as this one. To check your available storage and memory go to: my device or settings then go to: storage or general or applications (depending on what device you are using). If i were you, before anything I would make sure that i have 20mb or more left on my phone.

Do i need to uninstall the game before reinstalling?

No it’s not necessary but its better if you do because if you don’t delete it completely there might still be data in your device memory which can cause errors while trying to download other apps. Just google search how to delete an app completely from your device just so you know what to do.

How many devices are allowed to download the game at once?

No limits what so ever however keep in mind that people who are using this app will definitely use more data than usual especially if they are playing without having good enough internet.

How much does crossy road cost?

The game itself is free but you might have to pay for additional content such as coins, characters, etc. I believe the maximum amount of money that people can spend on this game would probably be $5 however keep in mind that there is no limit of how much you can spend on it, so be careful and don’t spend too much.

Where do i go if i need more help?

If you cannot find any answers to your question then feel free to leave a comment or better yet go to: xda-developers and ask them yourself because they will definitely know what the problem is and how you can fix it and another thing, even though we’re trying our best to provide answers for problems like these, always search for your answer on google before asking.

Also, remember to read the comments below because other people might have had that problem or question as well and I can’t guarantee that it will be answered by us however the chances are relatively high because you’re basically looking through a list of problems which might include yours.

Does crossy road work for kindle?

Unfortunately, no, if you want to play this game then unfortunately you’ll need an android device or an apple device where you can download the app from either the play store or apple Store respectively. There is no way of getting around this unless if you were able to install another or on your kindle but even then there’s still no guarantee that it will work properly.

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Overall, I highly recommend Crossy Road Mod APK if you’re looking for a fun casual arcade game to kill some time with. It’s easy enough to pass up yet hard enough at higher levels to make it quite addictive once you start playing.


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