Dark Sword Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gold, Unlocked All)

Dark Sword Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The Dark Sword Mod APK is an app that will allow you to experience the game with a whole new level of depth. It features a lot more content and gameplay, as well as new levels and bosses for players to conquer. If you’re looking for something different from your average mobile gaming experience this could be it.

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Features of Dark Sword Mod APK

This is one of the most popular RPG games on the Android Market. We have seen many types of RPGs but this game turns out to be more exciting and full of adventures, also it has got amazing features that makes Dark Sword Mod APK the best in its class. Here we will discuss Amazing Features of Dark Sword Mod APK –

HD Graphics

The graphics used in this game are HD that ensures great detail and sharpness while playing, also you can see some awesome special effects that will give you a real-time experience while playing a role in a fantasy world.

Tunning system

Before beginning the battle with an enemy make sure to choose any weapon or armor from your inventory that will have a great impact on your victory, also you can upgrade these items from time to time.

Easy controls

The controls used in this game are quite simple and easy to understand, up arrow key is used for moving right while the down arrow key is used for moving left and the right-up corner button is used to jump towards an enemy while the same applies vice versa too.

Combine two or more items

You can combine different pieces of armor or weapon together in a unique way by using the crafting system which will increase their powers and abilities, so make use of them accordingly.

Make combos

In this world of fantasy there are many enemies and you must defeat them all before time runs out, so make combos to kill as many enemies as possible like if 3 enemies are standing in a row then use the special moves or any other magic to take them down at once.


Quests are the main part of Dark Sword Mod APK, there will be many quests that will give you rewards like gold and experience points which will allow your character to level up and become stronger.

Awesome adventures

This game has got great adventurous levels where you have to save yourself from dangerous creatures with the help of swords or spells that are available in your inventory.

Great stores

You must explore the whole world to find great stores where you can purchase weapons, armor, and other items whose power will grow gradually after each cycle.


You can play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends which is a really good thing.

Original story

This aspect of Dark Sword Mod APK gives an edge over the rest of the similar games available on market due to its originality.

So these were 10 Amazing Features of Dark Sword Mod APK, if you want you can download it from the below link and get ready to enjoy these amazing features. If you need more information about this topic, then comment below or contact us directly from our website because we are always here for your help.

Common FAQs of Dark Sword Mod APK

If you are confused about the features of this game, find your answer here.

I can’t save my game, why?

This is an unfortunate side effect of emulating Android apps on PC. To make it work, the free VM software ‘VMware Workstation’ has to be installed on your PC (this also works for other android emulators). Once you have configured everything correctly, the Save/Load feature should start working.

An error occurred during initialization. How to solve it?

This error occurs because Adobe AIR was not installed properly or incorrectly. Make sure that the Adobe AIR installer file is in the same directory as Dark Sword Mod .exe and try running it again. If that doesn’t help, download Adobe Air directly from their website and run it. It should automatically install Adobe AIR on your computer.

I’m unable to download the game. Why?

Download the .apk file from somewhere else or from an alternate website. Try using another browser for this, because sometimes using Adblocker can result in download issues.

How do I save my Adobe ID?

To log in through Google Playstore, press Shift + F2 while you are starting the emulator – a login screen will appear which has a button named ‘Google Play Login’ – click that button and it will take you to google play store where you can then sign in with your usual adobe id and password.

What’s a good team setup?

Some good party combinations can be found here.

How do I earn money?

You’ll get the required amount of gold whenever you complete a quest or clear a dungeon and will continue to receive similar rewards as you progress through the game. You’ll also be able to sell/buy items from various NPCs; whose shops are accessible by tapping on their icons on the mini-map.

If I delete my saved files, will it affect my Google Play Game data?

No – as long as your saved files are not corrupted, deleting them will not affect anything else. However, if you’re facing any problems accessing your save file (it freezes when opening), then restoring your old backup is recommended.


Dark Sword Mod APK is one of the best online games I’ve played in a while. The graphics are great, and it provides an addictive gameplay experience that’s hard to find elsewhere these days. If you want to play this game too, just download it from the Google Play Store today.


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