Flippy Knife Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Flippy Knife Mod APK Unlocked All

Flippy Knife Mod APK is a finger-flicking simulation for your Android device. The game is not only about throwing knives into passing bottles or zombies, it also tries to teach you some ninja moves that will be used later on in the game.

You play the role of a kid, who practices his ninja skills with an old man (his master). These two characters make funny remarks during gameplay and they will both help you learn how to throw knives.

This free, casual Android game is all about mastering your finger flicking skills. This game might look like something designed for kids but beware: it can easily become addictive.

When starting Flippy Knife, first time users are asked to select their language before actually starting the game. There are three different languages available: English, Russian and French.

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After the language selection page, players are taken to a starting menu with several options. The first option is to access the main menu where all other pages can be found. Another option is to go back without doing anything in the game (basically a “quit” button). The last option lets players check out a short tutorial, which explains how this finger flicking simulation works.

Flippy Knife Mod APK Download

GamePlay of Flippy Knife Mod APK

The tutorial itself takes about one minute of your precious time and it’s pretty much an interactive game that tries to teach newbies how to control their fingers properly (for example by following on-screen instructions like putting your finger on top of pad device and then pulling back at 90 degrees).

Afterwards, players are asked to put their skills into practice. This can be done by playing a short, knife throwing scenario. In this scenario, the player has three lives and it’s goal is to hit as many bottles as possible with moving knives. There are no zombies or other objects on screen but hitting those bottles brings experience points that will surely help you progress in the game.

A few seconds after each successful throw, an old man shows up and starts talking about the performed move (e.g. “You’ve used circle grip technique”). These comments might sometimes sound too forced but they certainly help newbies understand what kind of moves should be used to perform better at this game (e.g. for longer).

Features of Flippy Knife Mod APK

Now let us discuss the features of Flippy Knife Mod APK:

1). Unlimited coins

2). Unlimited gems

3). Unlock all levels unlocked.

4). Unlock all characters unlocked.

5). Unlock all weapons unlocked.

6). Supported for all android devices.

7). No damage to your phone data.

8). Ads Removed.

9). Unlimited health

10). Instant 75% damage

11). Auto-spin on/off.

12). Unlimited sprint added.

13). Auto shoot increased.

14). Unlimited level unlocked.

15). Unlimited coins, gems & unlock all weapons/characters etc added.

16). Direct install apk file no need to unzip it.

17). You can now play this awesome knife throwing simulator on your android device without any lag or “please wait a moment” problem.

Flippy Knife Game

Following are some common question about Flippy Knife Mod APK

  1. What is the size of this game?
  2. The game file size is approx 16MB (4.0+).
  3. What are the requirements to play this game?
  4. To effectively play this modded version you must have an android device with at least 4GB RAM and Adreno 400 series GPU, also it requires Android 4.1 or higher version installed on it! It will not work well even if you run it on Android 7 Nougat, so please don’t try…it would be a waste of time for both your phone and us!!!
  5. Is there any way I can download flippy knife mod apk directly on my mobile phone?
  6. You can directly download flippy knife mod apk from our website on your mobile phone by visiting the download page.
  7. Is it 100% free?
  8. Yes, you can get it for free by clicking given below link and following simple instructions to install flippy knife mod apk on your android device!!!

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All thanks goes to victorsama for his awesome modded apk which fixed many problems that this free Android game used to have before. So what are you waiting for? just download flippy knife mod apk( Better Than Original ) from given links below and enjoy the game with unlimited coins, gems & unlock level/weapons/characters absolutely free!! Also tell your friends about this awesome game!

Flippy Knife Mod Download

FAQs of Flippy Knife Mod APK

What is flippy knife Mod APK?

Flippy Knife Apk is a Knife simulator that has different flips, long range attacks and amazing kickbacks that will leave you in awe while playing the game. You can also throw knives on various spinning targets for better training. It’s a far more advanced version of Knife Hit Mod.

What are the controls?

There are two different types of controls for movement and attacking, you can change them in the settings menu. First type is simple swipe controls (Slide anywhere on the screen to move) or Second one (Swipe up or down depending on your position). For attacking swipe left or right according to the sign written above the knife icon either UP OR DOWN.

Why should I download Flippy Knife mod APK 0.8 Unlimited money?

As there are several features like long range attacks, Spin control that allow you to throw Knives at spinning targets ,kick back etc. which makes it interesting game to play . You can even try to throw knives on the spinning targets for better practice.

How To Download Flippy Knife mod Apk?

To download Flippy Knife Apk, Click on download button given at the top of the page and it will start downloading Full APK file directly to your PC/Mac.

Is this Modded version of original game free from all bugs and glitches?

This is not a official apk . So if you find any bug or glitch (As we always do in every third party apk) please notify us in comment section below about your problems and we’ll tell our developers to fix it in next update of flippy knife mod apk 0.8 Unlimited money APK.

Can I install it on both iOS and Android phones?

Yes, Flippy Knife Mod Apk 0.8 Unlimited money will work fine in both platform (both PC and MAC) without any bugs or further modification. If you find any problem, please comment us about your problem and we’ll fix it ASAP in next update of flippy knife mod apk latest version.

How can I contact the developer for suggestions and feedback about the game?

You can contact to developer by dropping a mail at [email protected] . Please mention Name and device (PC or Mobile) and copy paste error screenshots in your email for better understanding of errors that occur during gameplay like lags, glitches, etc.

Does it cost any money?

Flippy Knife Mod Apk 0.8 Unlimited money is free to download and play but some in-game items can be purchased using real money. You have to agree that game is free to play before downloading flippy knife mod apk. Just like other popular games (Temple Run, Subway Surfers) you should pay small amount of money for better gaming experience without lags or bugs etc.

What are the Highlighted Features of this game?

Long range attacks with super speed Spin control allowing throwing knives at spinning targets Better graphics (You won’t find such stunning images in any other third party apk ) Longest knife throwing distance Customizable graphics according to your device (Decreasing graphics for low end devices will increase gameplay speed).


So what are you waiting for? just download flippy knife mod apk( Better Than Original ) from given links below and enjoy the game with unlimited coins, gems & unlock level/weapons/characters absolutely free!! Also tell your friends about this awesome game!

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