Grand Wars: Mafia City Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Grand Wars: Mafia City Mod APK [Free Purchase]

Make your own crime family and conquer a city with Grand Wars: Mafia City Mod APK, a top-down tactical PvP action shooter for 4 players. Choose a godfather from several characters, pick up a weapon of your desire from a variety of guns and hurry into action. Fight with other crime families, led by real players from all over the world. Increase your influence by taking control of a town street by street and eliminating other criminal stars in epic gang wars. Each invaded street will provide you with more gang members to defend your territory as well as attack other mafia families.

Improve your godfather to be stronger and upgrade your weapon to be deadlier in the crossfire. Level up during the fight to improve your player or your gangsters. Capture a vehicle to help you navigate a battlefield and search for ammo and resources to help you win the brawl. Raid territories, conquered by other players, or lure them into your own turf to get a tactical advantage in a standoff. Use any means necessary to win the gang war and conquer the whole city!

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Features of Grand Wars: Mafia City Mod APK

Grand Wars: Mafia City Mod APK is absolutely FREE to download and play!

Online gang warfare

Warfare against players from all over the world. Became the world champion of this dynamic PvP tactical shooter!

Conquer a city

Raid streets with your godfather to turn them into your own turf. Each street provides you with more gangsters to support your grand mafia on its standoff crime crusade!

Many weapons

Dozens of deadly guns to choose from. Pick the ones that suit your standoff tactics best. Crossfire with handguns, SMG, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and even grenades. Each weapon type has several guns.

Capture vehicles and resources

Grab some vehicles to help you move and attack. Search for ammunition, such as armor, grenades, or even money to help you win the crossfire brawl!

Upgrade guns and godfathers

Upgrade your weapons to deal more damage to your enemies during the standoff and train your mafia godfathers to make them stronger in tactical action.

Get battle experience

Earn experience during tactical battles to make yourself and your gangsters stronger. Improve health, and strength or get some unique skills, such as a combat drone.

Amazing battlefields

Stunning locations provide freedom for gang combat tactics and maneuvers, as well as beautiful sights to explore during crossfire.

Exciting cartoon low poly graphics

Explore a wargame full of dangers and opportunities. Enjoy all its beauty with nice graphics during standoff!

Easy Controls

Intuitive control and easy game UI will let you jump into battle straight away and master the tactical warfare!

Advanced PvP Matchmaking

All battles in the shooter wargame are created automatically, just tap “FIGHT” and prepare for the standoff of godfathers. Criminal stars will be picked up from around the world so you can start having tactical fun fast!

Tactical Crossfire

Develop your own brawl tactics and choose combat weapons that suit it best or tactical warfare! Lure players to your turf with sniper rifles, prepare an ambush with a shotgun, or destroy everyone on your way with assault rifles!

Not sure what to play? Choose Grand Wars: Mafia City top-down action shooter PvP wargame

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