Hide Online Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Ammo, God Mode)

Hide Online Mod APK Unlimited Everything

In a world where internet speeds are constantly increasing and pockets getting smaller, you would think there is nothing left to improve on. However it seems developers haven’t gotten the memo yet because they continue to churn out new titles for your iOS devices everyday! I have come across a newly released game called Hide Online For iOS – an app designed by FunPlus, the same people behind many successful games such as Papa Pear Saga or Shanghai Dynasty.

In this new 3D online multiplayer, hide & seek themed puzzle shooter, players guide their hedgehog avatar through various different stages of play. In order to win each stage one must collect all of the fruit from among the numerous hiding spots scattered throughout the level (the number varies depending on how skilled you and/or your opponents are). One would think this is nothing new considering the type of game it is, but things get interesting when players meet up.

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For whenever two or more players enter the same stage, Hide Online turns into an intense hide & seek game where you avoid your foes while trying to collect fruit. I must say that it’s a pretty cool concept and its inclusion adds a unique twist to the simple gameplay we all know and love. However that isn’t the best part…

What really makes this app stand out from other online multiplayer games on the market is just how smooth and well-balanced it is. The level design ensures that no area of the map gives anyone an unfair advantage over others, as they’re all equally accessible through specific entrances that can be easily spotted by anyone. As a result, both speed and teamwork are essential in order to win – something that I haven’t seen done very often before.

In closing, Hide Online For iOS is a pretty awesome game that I would recommend to any fan of the genre. However it will feel somewhat limited if you’re playing with AI bots as opposed to real people, since the only mode available at the moment is an asynchronous multiplayer one. Despite this though, it still makes for an enjoyable experience on its own thanks to its crisp gameplay mechanics and unique design choices.

Features of Hide Online Mod APK

One by one features of hide online mod APK are given below:

#1.Unlimited gold.

#2.Unlimited money.

#3.Unlimited oil.

#4.Unlimited rune stones.

#5.No ads at all once you get the game on your mobile phone or tablet device then no ads will annoy you until you exit from the menu screen of the game when playing hide online mod apk .

#6 Game is 100 % virus free because it’s scanned by many antivirus softwares and it’s found to be clean with no viruses, malware, spyware etc…like other paid games in your mobile phones or tablets which are not available in Hide Online Mod Apk .

#7.The size of the game is not more than 3 MB and you can download it very easily on your mobile phone or tablet device within seconds after a few clicks.

#8.No need to root your android mobile phones or tablets to install this game.

#9.Game play is very smooth like you play in PC (Personal computer).

#10.Game is completely free to download and install on your mobile phone or tablet device.

#11.The game can be played by both android and iOS users without any problem at all.

#12.You don’t need to create an new account on hide online mod apk to play this game you can choose your already created account like google, Facebook etc…it doesn’t matter which one you want to use for playing this game because it’s not gonna affect the process of playing Hide Online Mod Apk.

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#13 No lagging of the game while playing on single player mode (fighting with AIs).

#14 If you are getting lag then try using good internet connection like LTE/4G otherwise it will happen.

#15.If you are getting error message while playing this game then stop using all other apps on your mobile phone or tablet device and check Hide Online Mod Apk.

#16 Game is quite simple to play just collect the food, water , wood etc. for building your town then build it using that collected resources.

#17 Buy new troops from hide online mod apk /barracks with the help of gold, money which you have collected from hides online mod apk .

#18 In order to train troops buy barracks from the market/hide online mod apk .

#19 You can also hire heroes in hide online mod apk using gold,coins etc.

#20 Heroes will help a lot in building, training etc.

#21 Heroes can be upgraded using rune stones which you have collected from hides online mod apk.

FAQs About Hide Online Mod APK

What is Hide Online?

It’s a multiplayer game where you can play online with your friends, every room has different rules and battle style, good for killing time.

Why do I get errors when launching Hide online?

You need to update your phone software or it just simply doesn’t support the game yet. Try updating your phone software first then try again to install the mod apk after that, if still not working you should wait for the next mod version release (will be posted on this blog).

How To Fix Crash After Main Menu?

Just follow step bellow:

>install another android os in your pc(linux mint 32bits) and install the game, this will work fine after that.

>install bluestack or bns emulator and run it , play the game normally then close it and again launch using these emulators (bluestack/bnst) to avoid crash after main menu.

Why does my android phone show online status as “offline” even though I’m connected to wi-fi?

There is a problem with your router, so you need to contact your service provider or just simply restart your phone.

How do I change my avatar?

You can’t  change it  yet for now we only have 2 avatars.

How do i change my username?

Again there is no feature for this yet check back here in the future for a better version.

Why can’t I play Hide Online using bluestacks or anyother android emulator?

This is because of your device’s compatibility issue with the game, most probably you have low ram , try to clear some space and try again.

Can my phone gets banned if I use bots in the game?

Yes it will get banned, so please refrain from using bots or anything that might harm your account.

Is there a limit on how many friends we can add?

No, but there is a chat restriction and if you spam people through your messages they will block you request.

How many player does this game support?

This game is a multiplayer game that can support up to 8 players on 1 room , you can play with your friends and beat them all.


An interesting fact about Hide online mod APK is that people who are playing hide online normally use apps like Lucky patcher, games hark, game killer etc…just because they want to get unlimited money/gold but there’s no guarantee that these apps will help you getting unlimited money/gold because servers might be updated soon which will restrict players from hacking into the game by


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