Left For The End Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Left For The End Mod APK [Unlocked All]

The story takes place in the year 2050, and the world is eroded by a zombie virus. Countless humans were infected and became bloodthirsty zombies, attacking all living creatures.

Humans who rely on technology; infected people with virus mutation; machines with implanted equipment; alienated people with genetic mutations; superpowers with superpowers; interstellar people from distant aliens. The six camps that are closely connected and restrained from each other have formed the Tinder Alliance, which has become the backbone of mankind’s battle against the zombie disaster.
Unique real-time combat, rejecting turn-based waiting; Hundreds of heroes mutually reinforcing each other, freely matched with unique lineups; five professions each have their own strengths, and the strategy is brain-burning and full of fun.

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Features of Left For The End Mod APK

  • All staff have no waste cards, reset and return all training resources; level sharing, new cards do not need to be re-upgraded. You don’t have to worry about starting with the wrong lineup anymore, just play as you like.
  • Fully automatic on-hook gameplay, you can upgrade without being online. There are no redundant copies, no tedious upgrades, material preparation, self-built bases, relic trials, ghost operations, raids on hives, genetic searches, survivor trials, etc. only need a short operation, and you can easily receive rich rewards. Play and stop anytime, experience it easily, and no longer have to worry about bursting your liver.
  • Unique wasteland theme, highly restored doomsday world scene; seven-day gift, online time, level challenge and other welfare activities, full of sincerity.

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