MaskGun Mod APK 2022 v2.910 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Diamonds/Ammo)

MaskGun Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Today we are going to discuss about maskgun mod apk which is one of the best action game which you can play. The game is very similar to stop-shooting games like counter strike on PC except that this game is played on android devices.

Maskgun mod apk was released by the famous company called SuperGaming and since then it has become popular among gamers worldwide because it provides HD graphics, nice locations, easy gameplay which are not available in most shooting games.

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The game has 1st-person shooting action, nice graphics and supports multiplayer mode. One of the unique things about this game is that players can get ranks throughout the game which help them unlock new guns to play with. Game also features daily missions which help you in earning rewards. The game’s tutorial lets users know how to control an every character included in the game by using just one hand which is very useful in playing on mobile devices.

Maskgun mod apk automatically adjusts your device screen size so that it fits perfectly on your android device without any problems resulting in a perfect gaming experience for gamers worldwide. You can download maskgun mod apk from Google Play store for free by clicking here . You can also install maskgun mod apk from our website free.

Feature of Maskgun Mod APK

maskgun mod apk features are given below step by step:

HD graphics

This game features high-quality 3D graphics which makes it an interesting and visually appealing to play. Graphics of all the locations in the game is well crafted and players can easily differentiate between a particular location.

Easy controls

No matter what android device you are playing this game on masksgun mod apk has been designed in such a way that its easy to control characters with just one hand. In addition, you can use virtual buttons to control all the character movements instead of using touchscreen controls which helps in giving ultimate mobile gaming experience.

Multiple modes

Maskgun mod apk provides multiple modes for gamers worldwide including single player mode, two player cooperative mode and multiplayer mode so that gamers have options to play the way they want. Modes have been designed in a very interesting way so that players can enjoy their time while playing with friends and other people across the world.

Unlockable weapons

In addition, to every location in this game players also get new guns to unlock which comes in variety of types including pistols, shotguns, machine guns etc. Once you have unlocked a gun you can use it throughout the game without any restrictions.

Online rankings

Maskgun mod apk lets users participate in online rankings by connecting your progress from different devices so that you can compete against people worldwide instead of just your friends or nearby gamers. If you are looking for a shooting action game where you can go against people from around the world then download maskgun mod apk right now.

Daily missions

Game features daily missions which rewards players for completing different tasks on a daily basis so that gamers have many things to do in the game. Missions are designed in such a way that they can be completed by most of the users around the world so that you don’t need high level to achieve them.

Interesting storyline

Maskgun mod apk offers an interesting story line along with action-packed gameplay where you have to complete different challenges across 10+ levels using various characters including police, SWAT members etc.

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Multiplayer mode

Yes, maskgun mod apk lets you play online against your friends and other players worldwide. Multiplayer mode is more exciting as compared to single player. In multiplayer mode, you get to play against different people from different parts of the world so that it gives a real-world experience while playing with other players.

Daily Reward

Daily reward is given on a daily basis which helps in adding more excitement while playing this game for hours on end.


Maskgun mod apk has a global leaderboard where users can check their ranking among other top gamers worldwide so that they know how good they are compared to others.

Common FAQs of Maskgun Mod APK

We have put in a number of search and tried to collect some common questions from comments, forums. And we have done some reformatting for easy reading. So, I wouldn’t say any credit goes to me.

What’s the purpose of this blog?

This blog is intended to provide information about MaskGun Mod Apk. The details include different types of Maskgun Mod Apk and their installation process, bug fixes and other issues related to maskgun mod apk. It also provides information on how Maskgun can be helpful in getting success in exam or interview and how to use its different features.

What is MaskGun Mod Apk?

MaskGun Mod Apk is an android application which helps user in Mask Recognition. It can recognize face or any object you like with the help of your phone camera and then print that on paper sheet instantly. This app uses cutting edge technology which is fully secure and can be used by anyone with ease anywhere anytime, even if he/she doesn’t have much technological knowledge at all.

Is there any benefit of using MaskGun Mod Apk ?

Yes, why not! We all know how difficult it has become for students to prepare for competitive exams nowadays with the cut throat competition. One needs to take coaching classes or join some other classes to prepare for exams like CAT, GATE, IAS, MAT etc. MaskGun Mod Apk offers the same level of preparation as that of any coaching class at just 1/10th the price! Moreover, you can use it anywhere and anytime even if you don’t have much knowledge about smartphone technology or apps installed on your phone.

What are the main features of MaskGun Mod Apk ?

  • It is a very useful Android tool that comes with various amazing features. Be it an exam or an interview – this app works perfectly in all scenario and proves its worth! The most important feature of this app is that it can detect face in almost all types of image or video.
  • Another amazing feature of the MaskGun Mod Apk is that you need not have to install any other software on your computer for using this one, which in turn saves time and enhances the ease of use.
  • It is capable of recognizing JPEG images, PNG files, GIFs, Webcam videos & iPhones’ back camera videos! Its recognition speed is very high at 11 FPS. The maximum supported picture resolution varies depending upon the type of picture you are uploading. If it’s a PNG file then its minimum supported resolution is 48 by 48 pixels while if it’s a JPEG file than minimum supported resolution is 115 by 170 pixels.
  • It can detect around 200 different objects including famous logos, clothing, animals and so on.

How to use MaskGun Mod Apk?

Well it’s a very simple process. You just need to download the application from given below link and install it in your phone. After that you can invoke this app any time by opening its Icon in Menu section of your smartphone . Once invoked it will ask for Camera permission, click on Allow access button to activate its camera function and then point your phone towards the image or video over which you want to trace an outline.

Then Click Trace button present at bottom right hand side of screen and it will start tracing the object in a given time frame. After completing process it will generate printable image/video with outlined shape of the object you have selected. The process is very simple and doesn’t require any other software installation on your computer to get things done.


Finally, you can download MaskGun Mod APK free from our website. We have uploaded the latest version of Mod file with updated features of game. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.


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