Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK 2022 v1.6.50.7101 (Unlimited Money & Diamond)

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK is one of the best games in this genre with a lot of new features. You can download it for free on android, iOS or windows phone devices. The game has been optimized to work smoothly on all platforms and you will enjoy playing it without any lags or freezes while using mod APKs. So far there are too many reviews about how great the game is so I suggest that if you love action packed RPG then try out mobile legends bang bang mod APK right away.

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Features of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK

Mobile Legends are one of the most popular Android games which you can play on any android device. If you are looking for some more cool stuff of Mobile legends, you can get it here. The following article helps to unlock premium features in Mobile legends by downloading the Mod APK file. You will need a rooted or Jailbroken device to use this application successfully.

Being an Android user myself I loved playing this game just because of its different heroes and uniqueness in each gameplay along with countless strategic combos for enemies’ defeat.  But what if we tell that there exist similar kind of game on the Android platform i.e., Online Multiplayer battle arena games, where you can play with people around the world.  These games are so popular that they have been played by almost 40 million users worldwide.

In case, if Mobile Legends is not for you, here we have a list of the best online multiplayer battle arena games for Android devices.

If you are familiar with PC based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games which include DOTA 2 and League of legends or even our national game DotA (Defense of the Ancients) then this game will compel you to make an account on it like myself who was once an ardent player of Mobile Legends but now challenged by this new name “ShootMania”.  So let’s check out what makes ShootMania special among all others listed below.

The best Graphics Experience for MOBA games

Shomania comes along with a better graphic user interface, unlike other MOBA games which are developed keeping the PC or Laptops in mind.  But ShootMania is completely optimized for android mobiles to give you an experience of real-time gaming on your devices anywhere, anytime just like Mobile legends.  If you have played PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground) then I am sure that you will love this game because here in Shomania, you can play it very easily with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Play in Multiplayer Mode

Well! If you are looking for some great online battle arena game wherein the developers have laid special emphasis on Multiplayer mode then you are at the right place.  This game allows you to play with your friends or random people around the world just like Mobile legends.  But what makes this game different is that it comes along with an advanced scripting language that provides you better control over characters and team selection, unlike other MOBA games.

Well Designed Game Modes

Tired of playing the same old battle arena games where all you need to do is destroy enemy towers, kill enemies creeps, destroy inhibitors to reach enemy base? Don’t worry because ShootMania has got different modes for players based on their skills whether they are pro or beginners in online gaming.  You can choose your opponent from 3 types i.e., Aim, Siege and Control.  All 3 modes are equally interesting because you will find variations in gameplay where your aim controls the movement of your character.

Built-in Leveling System

First time I saw this feature I was like “Whattt!! Auto leveling system?”.  Yes! This game comes along with an auto-leveling system which makes it different from other MOBA games where you have to play for hours just to unlock your favorite characters or complete important tasks for leveling up characters.  On the other hand, ShootMania provides a much easier way to do so just by playing online battles according to its built-in level system which automatically gathers experience points as you move forward in levels. Nifty right?

Best Graphics Ever

Mobile Legends is a great game with HD graphics and all the characters which make the user more excited to play it over and over again.  But if you ask me then I don’t prefer playing the same old MOBA games every time on my mobile because there comes ShootMania in the picture where you will get HD graphics, beautiful maps, and interesting gameplay in one place.  Every character in this game comes along with a different set of skills, appearance, combos, etc., unlike other MOBA games where you have to stick with only one character even when you are bored of his skills or appearance.

Outstanding Game Mechanics

Unlike other MOBA games where players need to kill minions, destroy towers to reach the enemy base, in ShootMania there is no such path which you need to follow.  Instead of that, this game has got something different up its sleeves like you have to capture and defend control points to lead your team into the victory.  Therefore, it is a much more interesting MOBA game than others because here you will find variations in gameplay as well as character skills.

Simple Interface

If you think playing online battle games on mobile can be a tough task then let me clear your all misconceptions with one statement i.e., “ShootMania is very easy to play”. Yes! You read it right! This game comes along with simple touch controls for users where they have just to swipe or tap on-screen to move their character and just point and shoot to hit the target.  Therefore, if you are a pro in Mobile Legends then it will be much easier for you to play this game without making any effort.

Unlock Special Weapons

Do you know what is MOBA? Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Yeah! This type of online game usually come along with one special weapon which in played in hands of gamers and helps them to clear obstacles in between bases like in DOTA 2 comes “Aegis”, in Starcraft II comes “Nuclear Strikes” etc., but here we don’t need such weapons because ShootMania has got something better than that where instead of having only 1 such powerful weapon, players can unlock and upgrade one special weapon in every 10 levels.

Wireless Multiplayer Gaming

Want to play this awesome MOBA game with your friends sitting next to you? Great! You can do that easily because ShootMania provides wireless multiplayer gaming options for users.  Multiple players from around the world can join a single lobby where they have to play matches together to win battles, grab golds and unlock new weapons by leveling up characters according to their experiences gained playing online battles.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a free MOBA game but comes along with tons of in-app purchases which make it a pay-to-win type of battle arena game while on another hand, ShootMania Storm is a free-to-play game that allows gamers to download and play this awesome FPS game without spending a single penny.

Common FAQs of Mobile legends bang bang mod APK

What is Mobile legends bang bang?

Mobile legends bang bang is a MOBA game which includes the top-down battle. The players have to fight for their victory in 5v5 mode with your Android/iOS friend through internet.

Can I download Mobile Legends without WiFi?

You can’t download it without WiFi or Data plan. If you are playing online, you need data connection to connect with other players. Otherwise, there would be no one to play with you offline. Therefore, if you want to play serious, prepare an unlimited data plan for yourself before downloading it so that it won’t affect your wallet much even though there would be nice benefits of using WIFI like no need to pay attention when playing the game, no need to fuss over the battery life and so on.

How do I get a permanent hero?

The heroes can be obtained through random draws by using Diamonds. The chance of getting a permanent hero is very low, but you don’t need to worry about that if you have enough diamonds for multiple drawings. You can get gems (the in-game currency) by purchasing them with real money or winning it from Lucky Wheel, but it would take time and effort depending on your luck level.

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Are you really looking for a Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod APK? Click on the download button right now and get it free. We’re experts in the field and can help get your game to the next level with our knowledge of how to use hacks effectively.


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