Modern Strike Online Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Ammo/Money/Gold)

Modern Strike Online Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Modern Strike Online Mod APK is the brand new MMO action that fuses classic console-based FPS action with a huge variety of PvP and PvE modes. War has accelerated – defeat your enemies with strategy, tactics and skill.

PLAY FOR FREE Master a wide range of modern weaponry as you fight through hordes of enemies across stunning maps. With over 600 weapons at your disposal you’ll have access to some serious firepower! A PERFECT FIT FOR CONSOLE Tired of “tap to shoot” console shooters? Modern Strike Online offers total control: aim precisely and move quickly to take down your foes using the precision controls only possible with an FPS designed for touch devices.

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THE REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER SHOOTER Experience truly competitive multiplayer gaming, with fast-paced battles across dozens of maps. Try not to blink as you take your shot – the difference between victory and defeat could be one split second!

TAKE THE BATTLE ONLINE Team up with friends and engage in massive cooperative battles, fight against other squads (up to 4 vs 4 players) or challenge other teams across various competitive modes – including classic Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and VIP Escort.

THE VAST ARSENAL Define your style by choosing from hundreds of powerful weapons, game-changing perks and epic talents. Will you lock down a lane with an LMG or take out enemies silently with a knife? It’s your call!

Features of Modern Strike Mod APK

With step by step features of Modern Strike Online Mod APK, you can play game without any issue, because all the features are found user friendly. So, let us discuss these features step by step.

Exciting gaming experience is provided by the Developers for this game. The amazing graphics and sound make it more interesting to play.

– Two modes are there in the gameplay, they are Quick Play and Matchmaking. You can choose any one of these modes according to your time availability and interest. Even you can change mode anytime than playing a match because settings for the both modes saved automatically, so no worry about it while switching between them.

– Different types of maps available in this game that based on location and other factors. There 36 different maps available in this game with high quality graphics and sound effects so players enjoy real environment while playing matches than watching other images during matches which makes difficult many times for gamers who play match online.

– 12 different game modes are available for players to play these modes. These game modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Battle Royal etc… Each mode has its own importance so players can avail all these modes according to their wish.

– You can use 8 different types of weapons during the gameplay which is one of the most important part of this game because each weapon has their own features, advantages and disadvantages that make easier or difficult to play matches against your opponents.

– 4 Different characters are there in this game for users who love their style while playing matches with friends online or offline mode. These characters are configurable at any time as you want with advanced settings option which is only found in few games on play store.

– With the help of 16 different kinds of skills, you can put your best performance in this game with gamers who love real war environment than cartoon games. These skills include Fire bombs, flash grenades and many more… You can also upgrade each skill as per requirement or according to your wish which is only found in most of the games on play store.

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– Modern Strike Online Mod provides amazing graphics and sound effects for gamers through their powerful devices because it demands high quality graphic device for smooth running this game without any issue even low configuration phones also allow playing this game easily.

– Multiplayer mode made available for players where they receive challenges from other users around the world which makes interesting to play matches again and again which one like most by users.

– You can also play this game online against your friends and other players around the world if you desire to do so because it has online and offline both modes for gamers which makes available desired environment as per choice of player who love real war feeling than cartoon games.

– This is not end here, there are many more features that make this amazing game more interesting to play like daily rewards, new events, build up relationships with other people etc…

So now it’s time to check out what gamers want or how much they love this game. You can see lots of positive reviews for this game available all over the internet where users giving 5 stars rating without any hesitation because their experiences with Modern Strike Online Mod APK.

Common FAQs About Modern Strike Online Mod APK

Is this a new game title to the mobile device?

No, it is a modded version of Modern Strike Online. The mod is completely free and does not require any in-game currency purchase to be played. It does however contain optional in-app purchases for special weapons or other items which can help you in your experience.

Will this Modded APK work on my Android Phone/Tablet?

Yes, it will! This version of Modern Strike Online was built to allow compatibility with most devices running Android 2.3+.

I am stuck on the loading screen! What can I do?

Usually this happens when your device cannot connect to our server. Please try again after a few moments and you should be able to load into the game without any further issues. If not, please contact us and we will help you as fast as possible.

I am having problems logging in with Google Play Games (I’m getting ‘Connection Error’ message) what can I do?

First thing we would recommend is clearing cache of your Google Play Services App and if that doesn’t work then you can uninstall it completely from your device. After that, please download latest version of Google Play Services APK here and reinstall it (follow all steps in the downloaded file). If that doesn’t work, please uninstall and reinstall the game itself.

I am experiencing issues/bugs with this MOD of Modern Strike Online and it would be helpful if you were to fix them!

We are interested in what you think and any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve this Modded APK for both players who want to play as well as for those who have issues with certain aspects inside the game. Please leave us a review about your experience so far and give us some advice on how we can further help players from all over the world enjoy their time spent with Modern Strike Online MOD APK. If you have an issue or bug report there is a section below where you can describe your problem in detail.

I am getting ‘ERR_AUDIO_NOT_READY’ message on startup. I don’t hear any sound! What’s wrong?

We are not sure what is causing this error to happen however you can try playing with your device volume up/down buttons and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, please contact us so we can investigate further.

When first starting game there is no sound at all or some sounds are delayed/ play too slow! How do I fix this?

Launch the game again you should be able to hear all game sounds correctly now (if not continue reading). Open Task Manager (either through CTRL+SHIFT+ESC hotkey or go to settings->apps) select ‘Modern Strike Online’ process and set it’s priority to ‘above normal’. If this doesn’t help, please uninstall Google Play Services completely through your device settings. After that reinstall latest version of it here .

I cannot play the game! It is stuck on loading screen! Help!

Sometimes when there are too many bots joining the same lobby as you (in our case we had over 100k simultaneous players at one point!) and/or server cannot handle such amount of connections it causes issues with connecting to the servers. Try changing your region to anything but US or Canada if possible and wait a few moments for data packets to refresh. If nothing works contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.


When it comes to best action games, then Modern Strike Online Mod APK is on the top of the list because of it’s unmatchable features. You can play and enjoy this game whole day. So, try this game at least once and share your reviews about this game in below comment section.


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