Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK 2022 v3.1.5 (Unlimited Money & Crystal)

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK All Heroes Unlocked

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK is a 3v3 mobile fighting game where you collect various Power Ranger characters to fight in real-time PvP battles. The game includes lots of different rangers from the popular Power Rangers series, including the SPD, RPM, Dino Charge, and Ninja Storm series!

The developer behind Power Rangers Legacy Wars is nWay Games, which is also developing another title called ChronoBlade which came out last year. Power Rangers Legacy Wars has been available in select countries since it soft launched last February. Developer nWay Games recently took to the Power Rangers Legacy Wars Reddit page with a post saying that they are aware of server issues and have already made some server upgrades.

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“While the game servers themselves are performing well, there are some network connectivity issues which can be frustrating. We’ve heard you, and want you to know that we’re working on these problems every day! Our software engineers have upgraded our servers so they are now running more efficiently. The next step is working on improving network connectivity.” said James Gifford, Director of Marketing at nWay Games.  We will continue to monitor this issue daily until all issues are resolved.”

Features of Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK

Let us discuss the features of Power Rangers Mod APK in complete detail in steps by step:

  1. Infinite Health
  2. High Damage Rate (No damage Reduce)
  3. Unlocked All Characters & Mode Enabled Unlimited Money, Gems & Combo Mode Enabled Unlimited Energy 2x Move Speed No Skill Cooldowns No Ranger deselection Cooldowns No Special Gauge Cooldowns
  4. Unlock AIs for Rangers and Modes
  5. Configurable Attack and Defense Multipliers
  6. Many different Mods of Android: Pixel Mod, Nexus 6P Mod, OnePlus 3T Mod, Samsung S7 EDGE Marshmallow 6.0 Root MOD version, etc. Pre-Requirements to Install Power Rangers Legacy Wars Apk Download on Android Phones! Rooted phone Custom recovery installed Lollipop 5+ CPU 1 GB RAM Setup Guide to Installed Legacy Wars Mod Apk Step 1: Download Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK From Button Below. Step 2: If You want to Install this Game on your Phone then first, Go To Settings -> Security -> Tick the Unknown source option. Step 3: Now install apk file of This game on Your android phone. Step 4: Done! Enjoy it.

  1. Unlimited Health – Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD APK enabled you to fight unlimited battles without worrying about health issues in combat, so take out all your enemies with superb fighting skills and abilities.
  2. High Damage Rate (No damage Reduce) With Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD APK On, you will have a high damage rate thus enabling swift attacks on enemies who won’t even have a chance of protecting themselves from you.
  3. Unlocked All Characters & Mode Enabled Unlimited Money, Gems & Combo Mode Enabled Unlimited Energy You will be able to unlock all characters and also enabled unlimited money, gems, and combo mode which is not possible in the original version.
  4. 2x Move Speed With Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD APK you will have double speed thus enabling you to move much faster than before giving you the ability to dodge enemies attacks easily.
  5. No Skill Cooldowns You can use your skills as many times as possible without any cooldown time which makes this game more interesting and exciting too.
  6. No Ranger deselection Cooldowns Activate your desired ranger anytime now with no cooldown times whatsoever making it much convenient for players like never before.
  7. No Special Gauge Cooldowns With this latest MOD APK, you can use your special attacks as many times as possible with no cooldown times whatsoever making the game more entertaining.
  8. Unlock AIs for Rangers and Modes Get to play the game with AI characters who also have unique abilities which they can use against enemies too.
  9. Configurable Attack and Defense Multipliers Now configure your attack depending on your choice by adjusting multiplier options that suit best for you increasing your chances of winning battles effectively without any issues.

Unlimited Health  damage rate is increased – skill cooldown is decreased – unlimited energy Infinite Money Gems Combo mode unlocked All Characters unlocked Special mode is Enabled No Skill Cooldown Double Move Speed Feature Rooted phone most important Pre-Requirements to install Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD APK on Android devices.

Requirements Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK

Required Android 5+ Lollipop Custom Recovery Installed 1 GB RAM No Root Required Setup steps to install Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD APK on android phone. Download the Mod file from below Click on the app icon to start installation After that wait for completing the installation process Done! Enjoy unlimited money, health, and other features How’s The Mod AP?

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General FAQs About Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK

What is Power Rangers Legacy Wars?

Power Rangers Legacy Wars, or PRLW for short, is a real-time fighting game based on Saban Brands ‘ Power Rangers franchise. It was first announced by Way Games at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016. Currently, it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

How do I play the game?

The game takes place in 3v3 arenas where each player has to choose three rangers to fight with. Players swipe over another ranger’s face to select them, then input a combination of attacks using virtual buttons that appear on the screen which results in powerful combo moves being unleashed upon the enemy team. Don’t forget about your ultra attack! To unleash your ult you have to charge up the energy with special moves and hits before it can be used.

How do I level up?

Every time you level up, you get to pick a stat upgrade of either health, attack damage, or defense. It’s important to choose wisely when leveling up because stats will carry over into other rangers that share the same star level. You gain XP by winning battles in rumbles or completing weekly quests.

Can my Ranger be upgraded?

Yes! Just like your character levels up, so does your ranger. Each maxed-out ranger has 3 lines which represent the stages of growth from 1-star to 5-stars where they become more powerful and unlock their ultra attacks. A good way to find out if your ranger is maxed out is to check their health. If your ranger’s health bar is all the way full then you are ready for some serious action!

What are rumbles?

Rumbles are events where players can battle using Rangers of different star levels. The more stars a player puts into their rangers the better they will do in rumbles. Usually, these events have specific requirements that have to be met before you can join them such as having 3-star maxed out characters or just simply being level 30+. You can spend premium currency on tickets to overcome those requirements if need be. At the end of each rumble event, players are awarded prizes based on how well they did. Sometimes you even get crystals that you can use to unlock random rangers!

How do I get more crystals?

Crystals are the premium currency of the game and can be used to unlock random rangers, refill your Ultra meter so you can use it, or buy tickets for events before they start. They can be earned by completing weekly quests, leveling up, competing in special events, purchasing with real money through micro transactions, or selling extras that you don’t need.

There is no other way to obtain crystals besides these options. Note that if you sell an upgradeable ranger then they become untradeable meaning you’ll never have them again. You should only sell extra rangers if you’re not planning on getting any more copies of them from packs because otherwise, it’s a waste.

What are the different packs to buy?

To get more rangers you have two options: buying random packs or buying specific rangers that you want with real money. The prices vary based on what kind of ranger it is and how rare they are. The base price for a random 3-star is 500 crystals, 4-stars are 1,000, 5-stars are 2,000, and 6-stars are 4,000.

When buying specific packs keeping in mind all duplicate rangers give you shards that can be used to level them up faster! It’s important not to use up your hard-earned crystals on these if you don’t want duplicates because it may cost even more than just waiting for another week for a new pack to come out.


Finally, we are ending this amazing article about the fantastic Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK with the hope that you will download, install and play this game to share your experience with it. Also, share it with your friends and family members because sharing is caring.


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