Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution Mod APK [Free Purchase]

Why did dinosaurs go extinct?
Because there were primitive brothers who constantly battle with dinosaurs

Master Of Tanker, Club Brother!
Legendary Archer, Bow Brother!
Master of Throwing, Spear Brother!
Master of Accuracy, Slingshot Brother!
Incarnation of Destruction, Hand Ax Brother!

An immersive Idle Tap clicker RPG experience for all.

Join the adventure and tap tap tap to win!

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 Features of Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution Mod APK

Hunt dinosaurs and primitive creatures!

Claim weapons through hunting and nurture brothers!

Complete a picture of hundreds of dinosaurs and primitive creatures!

Hundreds of dinosaurs and primitive creatures
Hunt the Rampage Tyrex and register it in the Book.

Various weapons and Accessoies!

Claim higher grade equipment through compose!
Club, Shield, Bow, Arrow, Spear, Dumbbell, Sling Shot, Stone, Hand Ax, Staff!
Many types and grades of equipment

Raise Totems!

Cultivate various totems!

Enjoy the 5: 5 primitive battles

Guaranteed fun with the new 5: 5 primitive Battle!

Conquer thousands of dungeons!

Suppression Dungeon, Brother’s Tower, Flower Dungeon, Stone Dungeon and terrible dungeons!

Play without paying with various events!

Countless events guaranteed!

Life is one shot! Slot Machine!

Get the best weapons with a slot machine!
Use coin to spin slot machine.
coins are paid daily free!

Strengthen your body and mind!

Training through muscle strengthening and mental strengthening!


Let’s grow into the best stone age village!

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