Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK Unlimited Everything

If you’ve been looking for a new and exciting game to play, we recommend checking out the Rise of Kingdoms mod apk. This strategy-based mobile app is easy to learn but difficult to master. It has both single player modes as well as multiplayer options so you can get your friends involved too. And with no in-app purchases or ads, it’s completely free–you won’t have to worry about unexpected charges on your phone bill either. For more information, go through the post.

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Features of Rise of Kingdom Mod APK

In this article, we will be taking a look at the amazing features of Rise of Kingdoms mod APK, this is the kind of article that will get you amazed by the number of things. We have personally checked each and every feature for its importance and came up with the best results.

It’s been more than ten years since I’ve started playing Mobile Games. As a matter of fact, it was way back in the early days when smartphones were not even a thing to think about. Before that, I used to play games from PC only because my father would just hate games if I ever kept it on TV or Computer screens due to light reflection issues This year though everything changed as I discovered a completely different world of gaming and its called Mobile gaming.

It was only last year that I took the leap from PC to the mobile device and started playing games like Clash Of Clans, Boom beach, etc. And after that, I knew that this is the future of Gaming! As compared to low-end PCs (with low-end speed) these portable devices can handle any kind of graphic intensive games with ease.

Since smartphones nowadays are having high capabilities and come packed with 1 GB RAM + Dual-Core processors along with cameras; we can even capture pictures or record videos while playing games and upload them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Or WhatsApp (to share your achievements). All this proves once again how advanced Smartphones have become in recent days.

But what has changed all of sudden is the fact that most developers are no more interested in making games for PCs only but instead, they are coming up with the best quality games which can be run on our favorite android devices and smartphones, yeah you heard it right.

Soon even other developers will follow their footsteps and start releasing their games for both mobile and pc Users including apple users. This shift from PC to Mobile gaming is not just a revolution but also one of its kind. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of Rise Of Kingdoms mod APK.

Simple Interface

The first thing we’ll talk about is its graphics and visuals, I must say that this game offers an amazing user interface with easy controls allowing you to play with utmost ease. The tutorials are not that tough to understand allowing new players to get hold of the game easily. There are two different types of in-game currency that are available for use, one is coins and the other is Gems both can be earned by playing or completing various tasks provided in the game, or alternatively they can also be purchased using real money. Coins are used for common tasks while gems are required in case if you want heroes in your army or want resources in higher numbers.

Amazing Heroes

This game provides amazing opportunities in terms of having amazing heroes present at your disposal along with special powers which can be upgraded over time furthermore these heroes make an easier tasks out of killing zombies during battle providing an amazing experience.

Different Regions

You will be given a total of four different regions to choose from, each region provides you with different types of resources and materials which can be collected and used for upgrade purposes.

Team Up

This is where the real fun begins as this feature allows players to team up and go on missions or quests together. You can simply ask for help from your friends or guild members by selecting one hero at a time allowing others to join in order to complete quests or tasks assigned.

Special Weapons Mods

It is not just the simple weapons they are offering but instead its mods which are amazing because it has more durability points along with additional damage points allowing you to slay stronger foes. Using such weapons will require gems as well as coins which take time to generate.


You can upgrade your heroes and enhance their powers allowing them to unleash more damage, you can do this by defeating zombies or other players in the game. For this purpose, you will need different kinds of resources like gold and stone, etc. By upgrading these heroes it becomes easier for you to battle with stronger foes each time.

Get hold of rare resources

Resources are required over a period of time so it is recommended that you should try collecting rare resources or currencies which are not easy to come across because they have a high number of use points compared to others who are easily available within the game. Therefore try getting hold of those special types of resources that are not easily or cheaply available.


This is another amazing feature you will stumble upon while playing the game and it allows players to battle against each other for resource collection, victory, and supremacy in world rankings. It also offers a special awards system so that your skills can be tested and measured along with other players who have registered with the game to date. The winners of such events get hold of the best weapons mods and bags full of resources to use for their own convenience.

Chatting System

This is yet another great opportunity provided by developers because they offer one on one chatting facilities within the game via Facebook, Twitter, or even WhatsApp thus allowing everyone to communicate clearly and effectively. You can have a full conversation without any disturbance from others which is a great thing about this game.


Finally, it allows players to add more than one player in their group meaning that how many people can join your guild or team allowing you with the best experience of playing this amazing mobile strategy RPG game. The second best part is that once these members have joined they will be able to avail themselves of most of its features and benefits until a period of time unless a member leaves thus allowing you with an opportunity to rejoin again whenever required offering maximum fun.

These are some amazing features of the Rise Of Kingdom offered by developers, try out the same and share your views regarding the same here below in the comments section. Cheers.

Common FAQs of Rise of Kingdom Mod APK

Is this game worth playing?

The answer is yes. If you are familiar with mobile games, I think it’s safe to say that all mobile RPG games are not meant for gamers who want to enjoy deep stories or great battle mechanics because their main purpose is acquiring money via In-app purchases at the end by showing advertisements constantly in between play sessions. This game does not focus on any of these monetization methods and it’s an AD-FREE mod apk that makes all players gain equal ground when it comes down to progress through the game. You can unlock heroes, reset your buildings or do anything else that your heart desires.

Why is this game so cheap?

It’s because the developers of Rise of Kingdom wanted to give an equal playing field for everyone and decide not to monetize through advertising or any other unfair means and offer a fair experience. The initial price of the game is $0.99 and it only takes 40-50 hours worth of modding/hacking time to get all heroes, resources, gold, and gems. This results in saving $10-$15 easily just by hacking this one single mobile game compared to downloading multiple MOD APKs for different games which will result in spending more money on hard-earned cash.

What if I get banned when using the tool?

That won’t happen. If you use the tool as instructed, it will never get detected because that’s how the game developers made it. However, if you are not following instructions or using modified APKs, there are chances of being flagged by Google which results in a ban. Use the tool as instructed and stay away from downloading other resources or modified APKs to avoid getting banned.

What is the minimum and maximum level required to play this game?

The minimum requirement is Lv 1 and the maximum level is 300 at max but for heroes with stars (★), Lv 40 – Lv 50 would be sufficient enough to beat all stages depending on your weather alliance setups with different heroes and their items used properly with correct timing of skills. Also depends on what difficulty you are playing the game at.

Are you still updating this Mod file?

Yes, I am still updating it with new features and trying to keep up with the latest updates of the game but updates depend on how fast their developers release updates for the game client. Currently, they haven’t released any new update for Rise of Kingdom Mod APK since August 19, 2017. But if some issues occur while using the tool or some features not working properly on your device, feel free to contact me via email (in the Contact Us section) about that particular problem which would be good if possible, attach your screenshots showing that issue in that email along with your valid proof of purchase receipt from Google Playstore if you bought the modded APK from me personally and I will try my best to work it out and release an update ASAP.


The rise of kingdoms mod apk is a great way to get more out of the game. Modding can be done on any mobile device and does not require you to jailbreak your phone, which means that it’s easy for anyone who wants their experience with this particular title to enhance. If you’re looking for an easier life in the digital world, then consider downloading one or all of these mods today.


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