Stick War Legacy Mod APK v1.31 2022 (Unlimited Gems & Money)

Stick War Legacy Mod APK Unlimited Everything

If you want a fun, Action game that also teaches the history and geography of different countries then you should Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK. You can play this strategy-based RPG for hours without getting bored because of the various maps to explore which are based on real-world locations.

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The gameplay is truly engaging as there are so many ways to strategize your way through each level with unique units that have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for an app that will allow you to learn while having a blast, look no further than Stick War Legacy Mod APK.

Features of Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Following are some most awesome features of Stick War Legacy Mod APK:

  1. Unlimited Gold, Food, Lumber
  2. God Mode/No Attack Cooldown
  3. Instant Storm Protection Recovery on all Maps
  4. No Troop Upgrade Cost
  5. All Soldier Classes Unlocked at Staring Level of Gameplay  (including ranged units)
  6. Instant Win Condition after destroying enemy base (All Maps)
  7. Command Points are disabled in the game which makes you attack without thinking much for it  (overpowered). It also helps to kill high-level guys with low levels easily as compared to vanilla apk .
  8. Heroes From Both Factions are Enabled for Deployment Which means that you can deploy 2 heroes against your enemies who have just one hero each.
  9. Unlimited Mana for Spells and Heroes.
  10. Instant Level of Rage Spell (7) and Battle Frenzy Spell (8).
  11. Troop Limit of 30 is removed.
  12. Instant Upgrade All Buildings to Level 9  (Except Barracks)
  13. Heroes are Enabled for Heroes Quests
  14. Instant Training of Troops. No Research Required.
  15. Mass Murder Spells Enabled (Instant Kill Everything on Screen)
  16. Artillery Units Enabled (Catapult, Seige Tower, Battering Ram, Cannon).
  17. Heroes are Enabled for Heroes Quests

That’s all the features that we think are worth sharing with you guys. We will keep on updating this article as new features are added to it by the mod creator/developer if any newer feature is introduced, later on, so stay tuned to our site, and don’t forget to subscribe to our website’s notifications system so that you can receive email alerts whenever a new article related to stick war legacy mods APK download is published on our website or blog.

Common FAQs of Stick War Legacy Mod APK

What is “Legacy Mod”?

Legacy War Mod is a term used to describe the old Stick War 2 mod (before version 4.0). It refers to the “old” version of SW2 where there are no skill trees nor perks and only one difficulty level. There are currently no plans for an official release of this mod, but it can be installed on any device through the Installation Guide at the end of this article.

Are there any limitations or disadvantages?

The current version has two major limitations:

1) Players that used too many Settings Cheats will not be able to join servers with those players because cheats were disabled by default in Legacy Mod.

2) The maximum number of players to join a server is reduced from 10 to 8, due to limitations with the RMS4 protocol which was used by SW2 currently does not support more than 8 players on the map at once.

Is this official?

This is an unofficial release and is meant for experienced users who wish to experience the old days again. It is unsupported and may contain bugs and instability issues.

Will it work on Windows 10/11?

Yes, however, compatibility issues may occur. Please refer to the FAQ section below for further instructions regarding compatibility and installation problems and their solutions.

How can I uninstall it later if I want?

Any files that were modified will be restored to their original state. This includes modifying any files in the “Managed Server Files” folder (which is why you should move your mods into the same folder), modifying any files inside [“Chromehounds”] and [“Z2_Classic_Realism”] folders, creating Registry keys for autostart, and installing Applocale or NTLEA/XP compatible Locale Emulator.

What would happen if I install this over a modded version of SW2?

Anything that was not originally present when the mod was installed will be removed from the game. For example, if there were custom sounds added before by using 3rd party applications such as Vindictus Sounds Extractor, they will be removed upon restarting the game.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on the Stick War Legacy Mod APK. If you have any questions about this mod, please feel free to reach out to us via below comment section below or on the above contact us page. To find more information about our mod and updates, follow us on Facebook.


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