Super Mechs Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Tokens, Free Purchase)

Super Mechs Mod APK Unlimited Everything

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the Super Mechs Mod APK. In fact, it has been so long since their last appearance that most people have come to believe they are extinct. But one man thought they could still be saved. And he was right – three of them were discovered deep in a forest off in a faraway place where few dared go. There they remain, waiting for a hero to ride them into battle once again.

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The time has come for us to put our upgraded and fine-tuned Super Mechs back into action! To this end, we’ve decided to hold a video contest where you can show off your skills and win some cool prizes. And since we know that true heroes always fight for others, not themselves, all of the proceeds from voting will go toward building playground equipment in children’s hospitals across the world.

Features of Super Mechs Mod APK

So, let’s start the features of Super Mechs Mod APK one by one.

Unlimited Coins/Gems

With the use of this mod, you will have unlimited coins and gems. So you don’t need to worry about the resources anymore. You can easily upgrade your mechs to their maximum levels with help of these resources.

Unlimited Health

If you are playing the Super Mechs game, then most probably you would be facing some battles which are too difficult for you to win. But this problem has been solved now because, with the help of Super Mechs Mod APK, it is possible for you to have infinite health so that no one can defeat you in battle easily.

Fast Level-up

With these mods, it is easy for your mechs level to increase quickly. You can easily win battles with your mechs and level them up fast due to the use of this mod.

High Damage

This mod will help you in dealing very high damage to your opponent’s mechs during battle so that you can kill them in a few hits only.

Unlimited Grenades/Missiles/Concussions

With the use of this mod, now you won’t need to worry about the resources required for grenades, missiles, or concussions attacks at all because now you have got unlimited resources which means now you are free from spending any resources on grenades, missiles and concussions anymore.

Unlimited Money

Super Mechs game features some money which is required for upgrading your mechs. If you want to upgrade your mech then you will need some money, but with these mods, it is possible for you to have unlimited money which means now you won’t need to spend your hard-earned money on upgrading mechs anymore.

No Reloading

With the use of this mod, there will be no more reloading required during battles or between battle rounds. This means that if you wish so, you can shoot all day long without any worries of losing health due to a lack of resources for reloading weapons anymore.

New Mechs & Weapons

There are many new mechs and weapons added in Super Mechs game by using Super Mechs Mod APK. So now you can enjoy all the mechs and weapons which were not present in the original game.

Unlimited Coins

With this mod, it is possible for you to have unlimited coins. So now if your pocket runs empty then no need to worry about it anymore because, with help of Super Mechs Mod apk, it is very easy for you to gather huge amounts of money such as billions or trillions, etc. a matter of seconds.

Android Version Required: 4.1 and up

Super Mechs Mod app is compatible with all the android versions starting from 4.1 so now there won’t be any problems regarding compatibility with the android version because this mod is workable on all the versions.

Unlimited Money/Coins/Elixir

With these mods, no one can stop you from gathering a huge amount of money or resources during gameplay because, with help of them, it’s just very easy for you to get unlimited resources in a matter of seconds. So enjoy your game without spending your real money on buying gems etc. anymore by using Super Mechs Mod APK.

Unlimited Health/Grenades

With this mod, you won’t need to worry about your health anymore while playing the game because now there will be no damage by using grenades or missiles during battles so players can easily enjoy the game without getting worried about losing players due to low health points.

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Instant Build/Upgrades

With this mod, your mechs and weapons will be ready for taking part in the next battle as soon as possible. So without spending too much time on building and upgrading them then with the Super Mechs Mod apk it is possible for you to have all the mechs, weapons, and upgrades done instantly.

New Skins For Mechs

If you are a fan of Super Mechs then I’m sure you will definitely like its new skins which have been added by using these mods.

Unlimited Resources

Now there won’t be any problems regarding resources or money because with help of Super Mechs Mod apk players can get an unlimited amount of money and resources in a matter of seconds. So enjoy unlimited fun without worrying about anything anymore while playing this game.

Ads Removed

If you are an active user of the internet, especially on social sites, then probably you came across tons of ads while browsing the internet and probably some ads caught your attention and made you click on it to visit the advertiser’s site, etc. but what if the same advertiser takes benefit from that ad and earns money by using your clicks and visits, etc. So now don’t let it happen anymore by using Super Mechs Mod APK because now you will be seeing no ads while playing the game.

Unlimited Gems

With this mod, players can easily enjoy unlimited gems without spending their real money on purchasing them or grinding for months to gather a huge amount of gems.

Root Not Required

If we say that we have covered all the features of the mod then it will not be true until we say about one more feature that is “no root required” which is also added with help of Super Mechs Mod apk (latest version). So now you can play this amazing offline strategy game without being worried about anything anymore.

                             Common FAQs About Super Mechs Mod APK

What is Super Mechs?

It’s a real-time PvP battle arena game for mobile devices. You can play against your friends or other players! Equip and customize mechs with tons of weapons, armor, and abilities to fit your fighting style. Engage in epic combat!

When will it be released?

We’re aiming for a release in late July 2018. The beta test will be launched before that time if possible, keep an eye on the website for news!

How much will it cost?

Free! New events and story mode content may require purchase from time to time… but you don’t have to pay anything to create an, download the game, and play it!

Where can I download or play the game?

You can play the game on iOS and Android devices. Download links will be made available on this website.

Will there be a PC version?

Yes, we do intend to release a PC/Mac/Linux version of Super Mechs, but first we need to finish recreating all of our existing assets in higher detail for the mobile versions. We estimate they’ll be finished by mid-2019, after which point we’ll start developing for PC. We will have more information about the PC version when it’s time to release it!

Is there multiplayer? Can I play online against other people?

Yes, there will be both local and global multiplayer! We’re still deciding whether to include a co-op campaign mode (so that you and your friends can work together to accomplish missions) or exclusively PvP vs. player combat. As far as we can tell, competitive PvP is much more popular among our testers so far, so we think it will most likely be the only way to play when the game is released in July…

What platforms does it run on?

It runs on both iOS and Android devices using OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics standards! The download size of the compiled application is just 25MB up from about 4MB for the libGDX framework itself. This means that anyone with a compatible device should have no problem running the game, even on the cheapest of phones!

How does it play? What’s the combat like?

We’ve spent a lot of time tweaking everything to make sure that both experienced gamers and casual players can enjoy the battles. We think you’ll be surprised at how much depth there is to each mech… Every weapon has unique properties, speed, damage, energy cost, projectile size, and much more. This means that every mech build has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on your preferred play style! You can also upgrade yourself with temporary effects to influence match outcomes. Play through our story campaign solo or with friends online! The multiplayer PvP arena offers intense pacing as soon as you jump in No waiting around anymore. Have a chat with other players in global or private chat rooms.

What kind of weapons do I have access to?

Here’s just a few examples, but there are currently 20 total types of weapons! Lasers Shotguns Sniper rifles Machine guns Micro-missiles Railguns Grenades Rockets Plasma torpedoes Anti-matter blasts Mines Healing fields Cloaking devices Teleportation devices Self destruct Nuclear bombs And many more! Most weapons use up energy as they’re fired though, so be careful not to waste it all! You can recharge your energy tank by destroying enemy targets and picking up power orbs that they drop. Some weapon effects will influence the world around you as you play… like radiation clouds, shockwaves, fire tornadoes and more!

When can I play it?

We’re aiming for a release in late July 2018. The beta test will be launched before that time if possible, keep an eye on the website for news!

Where can I get it?

You can play the game on iOS and Android devices. Download links will be made available on this website. We hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to comment below with your thoughts! Thank you so much for reading, our team really appreciate all of your support <3 Stay tuned next week for some important recruiting news + a couple of other articles we wrote recently ~ Developer of Super Mechs Online Action RPG Game.


If you are really looking for the latest version of Super Mechs Mod APK, then click on the download button above and you will get an updated version f this Mod APK file. If you face any issues while downloading & installing this Mod file, you can comment below and we will solve your problem ASAP.


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