Tiny Archers Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Diamonds/Coins)

Tiny Archers Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The only thing I like more than playing Action games with my friends is making up new ways to challenge them. This is where the Tiny Archers Mod APK comes into play. Having a custom map in Minecraft, and especially one that we made ourselves, forces us to use all of our skills and figure out new ways to create fun for everyone. Creating it in the real world takes the experience even further and forces you to get creative about how you present it so your friends can’t see what’s coming next.

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Our group has been introduced to quite a few adventures in Minecraft, but this one might just top them all when it comes to difficulty. We call it “tiny Archers,” and you can play it on the new 1.9 Minecraft update which adds quite a bit of fun to the game

Features of Tiny Archers Mod APK

Following are the features of Tiny Archers Mod given step by step:


In this mode, the player has to go through a series of stages. Each stage provides you with more rewards Unlock the different characters and upgrade them! Upgrade weapons and spells to use against your enemies!

Defensive towers

Tower defense is only a part of the gameplay in Tiny Archers APK. This feature lets players build defensive structures like cannons, arrow launchers, sentry guns, mortar turrets, etc. These defensive structures can be upgraded from small cannons to devastating mega cannons.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, players will be provided with a 5 vs 5 team deathmatch battle where both teams will have 15 different waves for each stage. The reward that can be obtained by winning is a huge amount of gems and coins.

AI Bots

Tiny Archer APK will let you fight against computer-controlled opponents to practice and improve your skills before playing online PvP battles.


There are different weapons provided in tiny archers mod like bows, guns, cannons, and many more which can be upgraded as well!


They provide different spells and traps like fireballs, ice balls, mines, etc. to kill your enemies easily.


This feature is the key to winning the battle as this item enhances your power for a short time so that you can go attack enemies’ towers easily. They also provide gems & gold to purchase or upgrade items at any time.

Loot Crate

This is a fast-paced mini-game for earning extra rewards.


There are three types of currency used in this tiny archers Modded file – Gold, Gems, and Diamonds

Unlimited Gold

You can earn gold by completing levels & looting enemies. It is the main currency that you need to upgrade your troops, weapons, etc.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium currency that can be obtained from chests or purchased with real money through In-App Purchases. This currency is mostly used to refill energy or buy Premium items from shops.

Unlimited Diamonds

These diamonds are rare as compared to the other two currencies hence they can not be earned directly but players will get diamonds if they complete any special quests. Diamonds are used to purchase items from shops that are not available in Gold or Gems.

Unlimited Coins

Coins are a new currency introduced by tiny archers APK in order to buy weapons and other special items which can not be bought with Gold or Gems. It is a handy & fast way of buying items, unlocking new characters, and upgrading them!


You can choose your attack types like cannon and archers and deploy them on the battlefields where you face enemies and fight for your victory.

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Common FAQs About Tiny Archers Mod APK

What are Tiny Archers Mod Apk?

Tiny archers mod APK is the MOD version of the original app where it provides unlimited coins, rubies, and golds for free in the game.

How to get unlimited coins and gems in tiny archers APK?

To get unlimited coins and gems, we simply utilize the “Tiny Archers Mod Apk” cheat code which is available at our website epicapks.com,  for you guys to use when playing this awesome game! There’s really no fuss on how to get unlimited coins and gems since it’s easy as 1-2-3.

How do I use the “Tiny Archers Mod File” cheat code?

To use the “Tiny Archers Mod Apk” cheat code, simply go to the tiny archers mod APK download page and copy the code given there and paste it in your game when prompted to enter a Cheat Code.  Don’t worry; we assure you that all our cheat codes are free of any viruses or malware since we only make use of hacking algorithms and techniques to enhance your gaming experience!

What devices can be used for this: Tiny Archers Mod File?

This MOD is currently compatible with Android 2.3+ devices but please keep in mind that other Android OS versions may also run the game.

Why do I get the “Unable to connect with server” error when entering cheat codes?

If you receive the “Unable to connect with server” error, you can try re-generating your MOD APK by simply clearing the data and cache of the tiny archers mod APK app.  To clear data and cache of tiny archers APK: go to Settings> Application Manager>tiny archers mod apk>Clear Data and Clear Cache!

How do I change my name in tiny archers mod APK: tiny Archers Mod Apk?

To edit your username in Tiny Archers Mod Apk is very easy – simply go to Treasure Island> tap the Weapon Merchant> hit the “Change Name” tab! You can also change your username in your profile settings after you’ve successfully logged into tiny archers mod APK.

How do I get unlimited rubies, golds, and coins in tiny Archers Mod Apk?

To get unlimited rubies, golds and coins are very easy – simply use our Tiny Archers Mod file Cheat code which you can find on our website.

How many rubies and golds can I get in tiny Archers Modded file?

You can get an unlimited number of rubies and golds when you use our Tiny Archers Mod Cheat code which you can find on our website.

What’s the difference between gems and rubies in tiny archers APK?

Gems are an in-game currency that is used to buy limited edition items such as bows, arrows, amours, and costumes that cannot be bought using coins or gold! On the other hand, Rubies can be exchanged for weapons, armor, potions, and charms!

I get “Download Unsuccessful” when trying to download MOD APK file using mobile data, what should I do?

We suggest that you switch to a different network in order to download tiny archers mod APK and try again! If this fails, we would recommend that you restart your device and then try downloading tiny archers apk again!

Will tiny Archers Mod Apk affect my mobile data usage?

No, our cheat code for tiny archers mod APK will not affect your mobile data usage because it only affects the game data which will be downloaded using your mobile data.


Finally, we have completed the article with the hope that you will download and play Tiny Archers Mod APK. It will give you full entertainment and will make your day from boring to the best day. So, give it a try right now.


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