US Police Car Chase Games Sim Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

US Police Car Chase Games Sim Mod APK [Unlocked All]

Welcome to US Police Car Chase Games Sim Mod APK with full of racing car pursuit in American police car driving games with offline and no needed of Wi-Fi in cop games 2022. Enjoy these unlimited police car racing game to chase the criminal in open world games in offline games 2022 When it comes to offline games, you can download our police game for free.

US Police car chase Your goal is catch the criminals and bring them to justice caught them by drifting and driving Simulator games. It is in your hands to ensure the safety of citizens in the city. Don’t let the thieves and criminals look out! Our game, which is in the category of offline games, absolutely does not require internet and free of cost of this game available on the internet.

US Police car chase simulator You can get out of your car whenever you want while playing the police game. You can control your car with the steering wheel or arrow keys. Patrol the city with realistic police siren sounds drift and drive the thief car and hit them to destroy their cars. Earn money by completing missions and buy new police cars. Modify your car with the money you save. Change the wheels, spoilers and window films of cars. Those who like offline games can download this game for free. Your gaming pleasure will double with HD quality graphics. Be a cop in heavy traffic chase and win the different type of cars in police car chase simulator games.
In order to be a cop, learn to drive, learn to drive fast like gangsters Vegas. You are the law. Stop the law breakers with police vehicle. Take to the skies in your pursuit of the unlawful. Take down criminals in high-speed chasing. Stop all those NY city crimes spread by mafia kings, arrest drug dealers.
In order to be a racer, just drift through police cars and pass all the check points around 5 to six and pass your mission.

Choose among collections of vintage, sports and racing cars in these police car games. 4 to 5 colors. With 110 KM max speed limit, engine sounds are heavy with TURBO engines, nitro fuel powered, produce busting sounds. Turn on the car sirens. Heavy sound cars, upgraded, modified, nitro engine, turbo sound, turbo meter, Eco-friendly smokeless environment for no lag in game. Torque burnout game play, Roof top machine guns fitted to damage mafia cars.

Police Car Driver: Cop Drifting and Driving Sim 2022 games Enjoy the real driving in Car Games and Police Games. This police game is an open world game. You can interfere with people fighting, disturbing others and causing traffic accidents as a policeman. Let Move your police motorcycle & arrest the most wanted criminals with American Police Chase: US Police Cop Driving Car Games. Drive NYPD police Prado to chase down criminals and arrest gangster vehicles

Show professional motorcycle riding and police car driving skills to complete gangster chase missions. Live life as an honest police officer and stop crimes of underworld mafia gang US Police Prado Driving Car Games: Police Car Games has endless action in modern Prado police chase game to arrest city criminals, bank robbers and Alcatraz jail prisoners in modern police Prado gangster chase and police car driving games. Arrest all Alcatraz jail escaped prisoners and now involved in criminal activities in gangster crime simulator of US Police Chase Cop Duty City War.

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Features of US Police Car Chase Games Sim Mod APK

Police Prado Chase. In modern US police car game Bank robbers are trying to get away from city crime scene. Criminals are driving fast but you as modern US Police hero indulge in police chase game and chase gangster on city roads, but your duty is to chase, arrest & shoot them before safe escape.

– High Torque cars with superb 3D graphics
– Drifting cars with drifting sounds adorable sounds, No irritating noises.
– Legendary weapons, rockets and anything else
– Environment friendly, no smokes and drugs shown
– Realistic drag racing and extreme drift physics

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