War Robots Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/Silver/Gold/Rockets)

War Robots Mod APK Unlimited Everything

With so many games on the market, it can be difficult to find one that is perfect for you. If you are looking for a game with good graphics, exciting gameplay, and an engaging storyline, then War Robots Mod APK may just have what you need. Get your hands on this modded APK straight from our blog or download it today.

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Features of War Robots Mod APK

The War Robots Mod APK allows you to enjoy all the features of the original mobile version of War Robots for PC. Since it is a mod, there are no ads or in-app purchases. You can update as often as you like and take advantage of the latest features that are regularly added to this game.

If you love online games, high-tech robots, thrilling battles, strategies and shooting games then you will thoroughly enjoy War Robots. This online multiplayer game gives players a chance to take control of giant robots and battle other players around the world with their PVP style gameplay featuring stunning 3D graphics and intuitive controls.


Enter the field and fight in a classic PVP style gameplay. Battle online in an arena with up to 6 players per match! Fight against enemy team and destroy their bases. This is your chance to show off all of your skills & tactics, be strategic and prove you are worthy of winning War Robots!


Join exciting live events where you battle against other players for unique rewards, such as chests containing Gold & Silver Boxes containing rewards that will help boost your robots during battles. Be sure to follow the event season schedule: it’s not just about fighting but also time-limited special events, so don’t miss out on anything!


Collect and play as many robots as you can, such as Leo, Natasha, Lancelot or any of the other unique robot types. Collect resources and use them to develop your own strategy for winning! Soon enough you will have a whole arsenal of battle-ready War Robots ready to fight in the battlefield.


Take control of building defenses with your teammates. Defend enemies from destroying your base by strategically placing mines on the ground so they explode when stepped on, setting up sentry guns to automatically target intruders or barricade doors to keep out enemy forces. It is all about teamwork! Make sure that no matter who attacks first, your base will be ready for combat.


War Robots has a variety of items and power-ups to help you win your battles. Get ready to become a master in using these items as soon as they are introduced into the game. There will be a whole range of different power-ups from healing supplies, shield boosts and speed enhancements! These can make all the difference between life and death during combat.


With intuitive controls, stunning 3D graphics that allow you to see every detail on the battlefield and an adrenaline pumping soundtrack, War Robots is only limited by your own imagination. You can choose which robot you want to fight with and customize it the way you want. You can form a team and strategize or, if you prefer, play all on your own.


War Robots is free to download and play so there is nothing holding you back from experiencing this amazing game right now. There are in-app purchases but they are primarily used for customizing robots and acquiring more advanced items such as weapons. However, if you don’t want to use any of the premium features then you don’t have to. This game gives players endless opportunities just by playing without spending real money. Don’t forget that War Robots Mod APK has NO ads or in-app purchases.


How high can you climb in rank? Can you get the best score of the day or of all time? There is a new leaderboard for every event and season so you will always be able to compete against other players who have similar skills and expertise. This game shows exactly how competitive it can be at its best! Aim for the top by climbing up the ladder and becoming one of War Robots’ most valued players.


This is an online multiplayer action game featuring 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls that give players precise control over their robots’ movements and attacks during battles. Each robot has access to more than ten types of weapons, from ballistic missiles and machine guns to swords and lasers, which can be obtained from the battlefield.


Join current players and become a legend today in this mech-based multiplayer action game. Upgrade your weapons, level up your war robots and improve their performance on the battlefield until they are truly unstoppable. This battleground offers endless possibilities so you will never grow tired of it whether you prefer to fight with teamwork or challenge other players to a one vs one battle. This is a brand new online strategy game that allows you to play from anywhere at any time thanks to its mobile system requirements. Never miss an opportunity to dominate the world of robot battles by starting now.

Common FAQs of War Robots Mod APK

What is War Robots? I saw some people called it “War Robots Cheat”.

There are many new players who have been asking about the new term “cheat” on our forum, but this word doesn’t exist in our dictionary. In fact, it’s a wrong translation from Chinese to English. Our original meaning of cheat is unfairness and injustice. Like some cheater may use scripts or macro to gain advantage in some games. Some of these terms were used by many Redditors on /r/warrobots before we noticed them and explained that they’re wrong usage. The correct way to call out these type of things should be “mod”.

A mod is an abbre for modification which means you will modify some item (e.g. weapons) to be more powerful than it should be in the game, or an addition that doesn’t exist in the original version of the game. War Robots uses Lua script as its core language, so our mods are basically cheats for this game which you can use to modify your weapons and other stuffs (e.g. Stubs or Skins).

Are these mods legal? Will I get banned by Tencent if I use them?

War Robots is published by Pixonic Company, limited liability company which is located in Russia, Moscow. The mod tools we’re talking about here are just unofficial third-party software made by fans for other players who love this game just like us.

They just modify some data in your client to make the game a little bit easier for you, not all mods will affect Tencent’s server. Some of them may work by modifying files on your phone without touching Tencent’s servers so you don’t have to worry about being banned by using these tools.

How can I download these mods? What is “APK” file?

In order to use our mod tools, it means that you’re willing to join us as a War Robots player as we want to provide you this nice environment to play with less burden from those unfair meta robots around. Well, that’s quite an honor and we truly appreciate your decision! Our forum has two parts made specially for players who love to mod: myforum and this sub-forum. You can use the search function on our forum and find these posts quickly.

As for APK files, they’re just Android apps which you’ll install them on your phone after downloading from the internet. Most of our mods are hosted on Google Drive or MEGA cloud storage, but there’s also a few private servers who help us hosting these files (e.g. Hesse’s Server).

How do I download mods?

If you’ve found an APK file hosted somewhere else, you can download it by clicking with your mouse and pressing “save as” like this:  Alternately, you can click that (or something like that) with your phone and press back to exit. You can just long click the download button above the picture of APK file and open it with an Android App Installer program on your phone such as Qpst (by Qualcomm). If you want to save some time when having our mods, we recommend that you use Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer for this job.

What mods do you have? How much free space do I need?

We have more than 80 different weapon scripts now! Anyway, here are some of them listed below if you want to know their names before you download. Some of these mods have a certain amount of free space you need to install the mod so please read their installation guide carefully before downloading. Keep in mind that our mods are designed for Low-End devices and it may cause laggy on High-End ones.

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The War Robots Mod APK is a game for Android that allows players to experience the thrill of battling with customizable robots. If you are looking for something new, this could be it! Download now and have fun.


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