Wild Blood Mod APK 2022 v1.1.5 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Wild Blood Mod APK Unlimited Everything

There are lots of Action Games that can be found online but no one has offered such huge features as Wild Blood Mod Apk. The graphics and sound effects were also added on to make it different from other Action games. short, there is something unique about this game that differentiates it from other Action games.

This unique feature is known as having a third-person perspective along with the standard first-person shooter perspective. yes, you heard that right. You can have both points of view in this game while fighting your enemies. The controls are also very easy to learn so playing won’t be a problem even for those who are not familiar with other Action games.

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Features of Wild Blood Mod APK

Following are the Features of wild blood mod APK step by step:

High-Quality Graphics

The game has fantastic graphics. You will be able to enjoy the graphics of the game on your small smartphone screens just like you would on a PC or Computer screen.

Easy to Play

It is very easy to learn how to play this game as it only uses two buttons, attack and jump along with movement keys. There are no powers or magic used here so anyone can easily pick up this Action Game.

Multiple Views

This Action Game offers both first-person and third-person views which means you can switch views anytime according to your need. This feature makes it easier for those who want to move around obstacles while playing a first-person shooter type of Action Game.

Over 50 Missions

There are over 50 missions in this game which mean lots of fun while playing.

A Lot of Weapons

This Action Game offers a lot of weapons for players to use that can be unlocked as you progress through the missions in this game.

A Lot of Enemies

There are lots of enemies in this game to fight with and each comes with its own unique behavior.

Multiplayer Game

One of the best things about Wild Blood Mod Apk is that it has a multiplayer mode which means you can compete against other players from around the world for high scores. This makes the game even more interesting and fun.

Multiple Modes

Another highlight of this Action Game is that there are lots of different modes that can be unlocked as you progress in missions. These modes also offer new weapons which each behave differently when shooting or fighting opponents in this game. There are lots of game modes like Team Death Match, Last Man Standing, and Capture the Flag which you can play by challenging other players around the world.

Interesting Scenes

At the beginning of every mission, there is a short cutscene that creates all the atmosphere for it. This makes it more interesting to follow as you continue playing this Action Game. These cutscenes also feature funny dialogues which break the boredom at times while playing it for hours without getting tired.

All Assets are Free

As this Action Game is made by Gameloft, there are lots of in-app purchase options to make your gaming experience more interesting. You can buy lots of items and features from the store easily with the help of real money which makes it more interesting and exciting.

Easy to Control

The controls for this Action Game are very easy to learn and understand as there is only one button for attacking and jumping along with movement keys. This makes playing much easier even for those who have not played such games before.

The above are some of the stunning features offered by Wild Blood Mod Apk so download it soon to enjoy it fully.

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Common FAQs About Wild Blood Mod APK

Why my wild blood won’t download?

It seems you haven’t installed Play Store and Wild Blood on your device. This makes Google’s security check stop the downloading process of it. The solution for this is to enable 2 step authentication in the play store or else install the play store on your device.

What does ‘greyed out’ mean?

An item that is greyed out means that you are unable to use it yet since you have not satisfied certain requirements needed to unlock it e.g level and/or ability and/or item.

What does ‘locked’ mean?

When the icon is locked means that you cannot use it until you achieve certain requirement or buy it in a shop. You can see this when you click on an item, a lock symbol will appear near its picture. For equipment, it means that they do not drop from any monster (yet) and need to be unlocked by completing certain quests.  For skill books, they are either locked due to insufficient level or require payment (gems). Gems can be obtained by killing monsters with yellow names i.e high leveled ones since they have a chance to drop gems upon defeat.

I have already earned one of the items but then I chose to use the coins instead. What should I do?

All you need to do is purchase another one through the shop since it doesn’t cost too many coins.

How do I open my 1st chest after the tutorial quest?

Your first chest will already be opened automatically when you complete your tutorial quests, if not just complete a few more quests and come back later to find it open.

What are soul points used for?

Soul points are used in leveling up your character e.g 1 point for each level. It is also used to buy items in shops using soul stones, an alternative currency for gems when buying 5-star equipment since gems are better used for the spin wheel to get spells and skill books.

Why can’t I open my 2nd chest after completing my tutorial quests?

To open the 2nd chest you need to complete all quests in Act1 up until you beat the Bandit boss. After that player will be entered into the world map where he/she needs to find Lydia near Whisperwind Lake ( see Map Index ) by killing monsters with yellow names or by opening monster treasure chests scattered around the map. Once a found player has to speak to her, Lydia tells them about a nearby cave where they can find the 2nd chest. So the player needs to go there and open it.

What are soul stones?

Soul stones are either earned by leveling up your character or putting in gems if you don’t want to level up. You may use soul stones to buy 5-star equipment instead of using gems since you need both kinds to get spells and skill books.

How do I get wild blood coins?

Wild blood coins are dropped randomly when a monster dies, though monsters with names in yellow have a high chance of dropping these compared to other monsters. It is also received after completing certain quests e.g 1 coin for each quest while some quests give 4 or more coins. Of course, you can also buy them from the shop when you don’t feel like waiting for the monster to drop them.


Wild Blood Mod APK is a lot of fun to play as it has an immense amount of detail in graphics, sound effects, and weapons available to fight out your opponents. The best thing about this game is that it offers both first-person shooter views with third-person views which makes it even better to be played on smartphones.


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