Worms Zone Mod APK 2022 v3.1.4 (Unlimited Money/Health, No Death)

Worms Zone Mod APK Unlimited Everything

This is pretty much a replica of worms zone in mobile so you might be able to play it with your friends using the same network connection. Keep in mind that Worms Zone Mod APK will not go online, there are no tournaments or playing against others because it requires resources that are not available on the emulator. This game uses an older version of the Android SDK so I saw no need to upgrade it by adding new features when they are already implemented in newer versions.

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This version of the Android SDK was released in 2012 and is compatible with Lollipop, unlike most other versions that require Marshmallow for some reason. It does not contain any commercial applications so it is safe to use.

Worms Zone Mod Download

Features of Worms Zone Mod APK

Now let us discuss the Features of worms zone mod APK:

  1. Game progress will be saved after exiting the game
  2. When you launch this game, you will see that it requires no internet connection and has read-only access to external storage meaning that there is no risk of getting banned for using this emulator like in most other versions.
  3. The modded version is about 5MB in size with an additional 152MB download required for installing the regular worms zone APK which can always be found on epicapks.com or any similar apps. It also means that the developer does not make money out of this app and may keep away from updating it to a new version if he gets suspicious because most people do not want their games being hacked.
  4. In some cases, the modded APK forces closing of the regular APK so you will get a black screen when opening the game. In this case, try clearing the data of both apps and launching them again. You can always reinstall the game in case something goes wrong without losing progress.
  5. The touch response is somewhat glitchy but it works at the same speed as the mobile version.
  6. In some cases, you might need to tap twice on your screen for scrolling or zooming in/out because single taps do not always work unless it is a one-time issue that goes away after trying out different control schemes.
  7. The sound effects are very similar to those of the mobile worms zone and the music sounds a bit muffled due to lower audio quality but they can still be heard more clearly than those of Worms 2 by applying changes from the video.
  8. You cannot change skins since this feature requires Android Marshmallow or newer versions.
  1. The skins that you will see in this version are the same as those of the mobile worms zone because these were extracted from a previous APK and I could not find any other games by this developer. You can still change the color scheme to make it look different but keep in mind that some buttons may overlay others if they have similar colors.
  2. In order to access settings, maps, and additional weapons, you need to press the ‘menu’ button which is located at the top right corner of your screen. These can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts as well: Map – M Weapons – W Settings – S
  3. The fixed control scheme for using a keyboard is pretty much self-explanatory so I won’t be posting the keys here.
  1. If you do not want to play this game with your friends, there is an option titled ‘reconnect’ at the bottom of the main menu which can be used to connect with old games that were previously played with your friends or random players. Keep in mind that most mobile worms zone players are using subpar connections so this game might lag for them even if their phones are almost as powerful as my laptop (i7 processor @ 2.5GHz / 12GB RAM).
  2. Some weapons like homing missiles may not work depending on the device but I will try to fix this bug by updating the emulator within a few days if necessary.
  3. It is compatible with bluestacks but sometimes crashes if the android device is connected to an external display. It may also crash on startup or during gameplay if bluestacks thinks that it is out of date.
  1. It supports Bluetooth keyboards but the controls are not adjustable so you will have to play this game with your keyboard at default settings. Note: These settings can be adjusted for the mobile worms zone easily by scrolling down to ‘Touch Controls’ and changing the values to adjust sensitivity at different locations of your screen. At present, I am using a KB Folio 100 case with my Asus ROG GL552VW laptop which makes playing much easier than without it since most keys are readily available compared to those on laptops/ultrabooks where you have to press the fn+function key to access them.
  2. This app is suitable for low-end devices even if they can’t be expected to run at a playable framerate due to its 2D nature and fewer complex graphics in comparison with most mobile games out there.
  3. If you get an error while launching this game on bluestacks, click OK and wait for a few seconds before retrying again because it takes time for the emulator’s primary window to appear after which your ‘incompatible’ shortcut will be converted into a ‘compatible’ one.
  4. If you notice any other problems that I haven’t thought of, please leave a comment below or send me an email instead of flaming/criticizing this post because I don’t know how many people will see it or if they know how to read.

Worms Zone Mod APK Download

Common FAQs about Worms Zone Mod APK

Can this app be installed on a PC?

No, it can’t. You can only install this on an Android device that is powerful enough to emulate other devices.

Does this app require high processing power, RAM capacity, and free storage space?

No not really since the graphic assets are from the mobile worms zone which should have been optimized for low-end phones so you don’t have to worry about your device being able to run it unless it’s too old or doesn’t come with a dedicated graphics card.

However, you will need a fast phone if your aim is good because you may experience input delays/lag due to slow internet connection or bluestacks itself(it lags when trying to view the map in multiplayer mode and there is a known bug where it crashes on some systems).

Which Android devices are compatible with the Android version of this app?

This depends on your device’s specifications and whether or not bluestacks can emulate them properly. I’ve seen many users reporting that the game works perfectly fine even on low-end phones. As long as you don’t lag too much (because the worms move like snails if you lag/disconnect from the internet) but you may try to download this modded APK below and see if it works for you. Because those who successfully installed it say that they got an average of 60fps and more than 5 players in 2D multiplayer mode so it would be easier for new players to catch up with old players who know how to aim fast.

Is the controls easy to use?

Yes but not as easy as with a touch screen because you can’t move your worms by dragging your fingers across the map like most other mobile games, instead you will need to click on one of your weapons icons or tap on part of the map where you want to go/aim. You may try playing it with an actual keyboard and mouse if you have one and see if it is easier than using bluestacks’ touch controls for this game (as said earlier in the ‘Touch Controls’ section below).

What version of Android is required?

Android 4.0+ I think since bluestacks requires android API level 16(4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) or above to work properly.

Does this app require an internet connection?

Yes but it can run offline if you play offline mode (which I think they copied from agar.io) where all your turns are saved and you don’t need an active connection for that, however, in online multiplayer mode bluestacks requires an active internet connection to connect with the game server(s).

How many players do this modded APK support?

N/A since it’s a mod, not the original game hence there is no way of telling how many people will be able to join in online mode so I suggest using 2D offline mode instead if you want to play against bots or with friends that have rooted android devices.

How many worms are supported?

N/A you could think of it as infinite since there is no limit… but remember this is a turn-based game so the number of turns depends on how many players are in.

Does it support Bluetooth multiplayer mode?

No, because bluestacks doesn’t have an inbuilt feature that allows running multiple instances. That said, I don’t know if there is any other emulator which can do that, but I suggest using 2D offline mode if you want to play against bots or with friends that have rooted android devices instead.

Is multi-player online available?

Yes, although not all features work because the original game doesn’t support them like Bluetooth multiplayer mode but it’s still better than nothing I guess.

Where is the chat/friends system?

It has been removed to avoid conflicts with the ‘Ad-Free’ mod and to save your battery and internet data, also it would be unfair for other people if you were able to talk while others could not hear what you said (or worse: spam).

Does this app support all android devices?

Yes as long as they meet minimum requirements which bluestacks itself requires. But there are users reporting that some games may work better on specific devices (e.g.: keyboard controls in call of mini zombies work on my phone which is galaxy s3 but not on galaxy s5 in which you cannot move around using the keyboard only by swiping. So I suggest trying a regular/non-modded version of this game on your device if you want to play call of mini zombies).

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This is just a summary of what I’ve written above so it may be useless to read and review this section if you have already read the main part of this review. Now it is up to you whether you want to download and install Worms Zone Mod APK or not.

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