Zoom Mod APK 2022 (Premium/VIP Unlocked, Virtual Background) for Android/iOS/PC

Zoom Mod APK All Unlocked

If you want to try a new way of viewing the world, then download Zoom Mod APK from website. This app is fun and exciting as it allows you to zoom in on anything from your everyday life to natural wonders around the world. Get ready for an amazing adventure with this one-of-a-kind camera.

Features of Zoom Mod APK

Zoom Mod apk and Zoom Browser Apk for Android devices is now one of the most popular browsers available on android store. The biggest advantage to this app is that it has an ad blocker which can block all those annoying ads that appear when you play games, watch videos or do anything. It also gets updates as soon as they are released because its developers keep on adding new features to make it more usable and faster.

Zoom is better than any other browser out there on the market today.

Free to download

The zoom mod apk can be downloaded for free from several websites that offer it. A lot of people download the zoom apk because it offers something that all other browsers lack – an ad blocker, privacy options and faster speed. This way you won’t have to install another browser just to block ads, so if you really want an ad blocker then this is the only way to do it.

Privacy options

Most users like the privacy options that come with Zoom mod apk. This is because it lets you block certain websites like Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites so that your browsing time increases without any distractions.

Downloading capabilities

The zoom browser can be used to download files from the internet using torrents or using direct links. You don’t need to have another app installed for this job because it performs two functions in one package now! It allows you to download videos very fast via youtube-dl option which is a great feature if you’re looking for something similar on android.

User Interface

The cool thing about Zoom Mod Apk is that once you open it up, its interface is just like chrome browser or Firefox browser. You can still use it like you do with your normal browser and find anything on the internet by searching for it through the address bar or via voice command. Zoom mod Apk is more intuitive than other browsers on google store and doesn’t require you to install any tutorials to guide you around its functions.

Zoom-in and zoom-out

If you want to customize your browsing experience then this feature really helps because you can either zoom in or out of pages just by double clicking on the screen. This way, directories become easier to locate and websites become bigger so that everything is easily visible without having to scroll down very far.

Ad Blocking

This is perhaps one of the most important features of this apk. Having an ad blocker within your browser really helps because it saves you the extra battery life and time that would otherwise be wasted on downloading an ad blocker or using up data to load web pages with ads.


You can easily bookmark websites so that you can visit them again later without having to search for them on Google. This feature is especially important for those who don’t use their browser every day because they might forget about their favorite sites if they don’t save them as bookmarks.

Fast Downloading

Beyond just downloading files, this browser has a fast download option which lets it work even faster than other browsers out there today. Many people like Zoom Browser more than chrome or opera mini. If you’re wondering why then it’s because of the increased speeds that it offers.

Chrome Custom Tabs

You can actually open up web pages in chrome custom tabs so that you get all the features of this apk without having to change your preferences every time you use a different app for downloading files or opening up pages. If you want to do something on the internet and don’t feel like changing apps, just tap on the go button and choose ‘open with’ option. That will take care of everything.

Amazing Themes

This app is customizable so if you really hate the white theme then there are plenty of other options which you can choose from. You can download various themes directly from Zoom Mod Apk Website , install them from your storage and then activate them from the setting menu.

Allows you to clear all the downloaded files

Often times it becomes a hassle for users if they have to download a lot of files because it takes up a lot of space on their device. You don’t have to worry about that with this browser though – Zoom Mod Apk provides an option where you can choose which files you want to delete and which ones you want to keep stored in your device.

It’s easy-to-use

As mentioned before, Zoom mod apk is very easy-to-use even for those who’ve never used an android phone before. Everything is laid out in front of you so that there are no problems or worries about not knowing how to use it or what you’re doing wrong.


The browser is equally functional for both android mobile and tablets so that you can browse the internet on whichever device you prefer without having to worry about compatibility issues. It works nice on all devices, including some of the old models which are no longer available in stores.

Can be used as a file downloader

One of the best things about Zoom Mod Apk Download is that you can also use it as a file downloader if need be. You don’t have to necessarily open up your file manager every time because this browser allows you to download various types of files from different websites directly from its interface without requiring any special permissions!

Multiple file download

You can actually choose the option of downloading multiple files in a single go. This way you don’t have to wait for one download to end before starting another one.

That’s all about Zoom Mod Apk! Hope you guys liked it and found it useful, if there are any problems or suggestions then let me know in comments below. Till then Enjoy browsing with this apk on your android device.

Common FAQs of Zoom Mod APK

What is Zoom Mod?

Zoom mod basically transforms what you see on screen. It creates a fake zoom to give the appearance that the picture is enlarged, as if it were taken from a high-quality camera or DSLR. Other than this, it has some other modes too – Night Mode and Color Filter – which can be used for taking pictures in low light conditions, getting less contrast images respectively. Checkout our article about these two modes down below!

Why do I find so many positive feedbacks of this app?

First of all, not everyone will have similar experiences with an app/game/tool, given their own devices and different usage scenarios. Second thing to note is that ratings are based on individual impressions, which in this case are highly subjective. Zoom mod APK has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the Play Store, but if you see closely, can see that it actually has a mixed bag of ratings ranging from 1 to 5 stars based on feedbacks left by users.

Why is there no option to enable video recording?

There are no third-party apps/mods available for Android cameras so far to allow this functionality yet. As soon as one comes up with something, we will update here.

Can I install this app through Magisk?

Yes you can! We have tested it and successfully installed Zoom Mod APK to our phone via Magisk.

How do I uninstall it?

Uninstalling Zoom Mod APK is not a difficult task to accomplish, but yes you need to have root access on your Android device in order to get the job done. Simply follow this path –> /data/app-private/ and delete or rename the file which corresponds to the app (usually Reboot your phone and you are good!

Is there any health risk with using this mod?

There no such harm we know of. For one, we haven’t come across any reports that users suffered any damage/issues due to this app yet, and two Zoom Mod Apk is available through an official source – Play Store.

What is the difference between this app and other similar apps?

Zoom Mod is the original mod for stock Android camera app, which was first introduced by developers on 4PDA forum (a Russian language site). It has since become quite popular among Android users. Other than letting you enable video recording, adding timer function etc., it also offers these benefits over regular Camera 2 API enabled camera apps-

>Gives ability to use zoom & flash simultaneously in any mode including HDR mode. >Comes with built-in Night Mode and Color Filter modes along with original features like Tilt Shift Effect, Blur Effect, Panorama etc.

>50% faster than other Camera 2 API enabled modes.

>Introduces anti-flicker mode which automatically detects flickering light condition and adjusts the capture timing so that the captured images are not affected by it.

I tried using this mod but did not succeed. What should I do?

Zoom Mod APK is quite popular among Android users, but installing it on some devices may prove to be a bit of a task. We suggest trying out some other Camera 2 API enabled camera apps if you cannot get Zoom Mod to work with your device/Android version etc. Also make sure you have “Unknown Sources” option enabled in Settings, before APK installation.


Now you can Download Zoom Mod APK with unlocked premium features so that you can view the world in a completely new way. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.


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